Four success stories from the SBR Tickle Training Center

(This story first appeared in the May-June 2016 issue Scout Magazine.)

In the Four Words at the John D. Plant Senior National Training and Leadership Center.Tyler Forsberg, 17-year-old Eagle Scout from Tennessee

It did not take him long to find the right choice.

The “Aha” moment came the next day and the following week he met the six boys and girls he wanted to be close friends with.

Each member of the staff learned why his / her state — West Virginia, Ohio, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Tennessee – and Tyler — were the perfect home for SBR John de Tickle, Senior National Training and Leadership Center. Youth leadership experience.

“It is a great experience to meet people from all over the country,” says Tyler. That taught him “how to look at each individual and not to judge them as quickly as I normally would.”


Carly Watson, 17-year-old Venture of Virginia

You could say that SBR joined Carby Scout. Carly’s family actually joined the Scout, but she was still in custody.

She remembers thinking, “It’s for men.”

Then her father and older brother died. She attended SBR in 2013 when she attended National Jambore. She had to look at the pictures and see for herself.

Carly is enrolled in Venture, and at the council level, he has received national youth leadership training.

She then learned that NTLC would offer a NAYLE course. After NYLT, the youth leader is the next step.

The last leadership course where she wanted to visit in the last two years? It would be appropriate to save for that. So she did. Carly saved every penny he earned by developing and teaching the piano.

Carly liked the way the training course came out of the classroom so that the participants could feel it. And she immediately liked how she used the new skills in the team.

“Now I say, ‘Oh, how did we work? ‘She tells me.’

Sher Re-Moravek

Sher Ri Moravek, NAYLE and SLC Coordinator

Some classes are very confident in improving their leaders, subsidizing part of the cost for courses such as NAYLE and Summit Leadership Challenge.

It’s an investment – just like a manager sends staff to training.

“They look back on it,” says Moravek. “Obviously when a young man goes back to his room and goes to NAYLE. The energy they bring to the program is amazing. ”

That’s why Moravek spent her money to travel from Houston to conduct training courses at Tikel NTL. But “training” is not the right word to listen to Moravek.

“It’s an experience,” she says. This is the highest rating for that scout experience.Deborah-Huff

Deborah Huff, Scouter from Alabama

Haff knows how a magnetic SBR can be.

She At the 2012 Summit Shakedown (trial period before Jambori) and She attended the National Jambore in 2013. A.D. She returned in 2015, this time to participate in the Summit Leadership Challenge.

Think of it as NAYLE for the Summit leadership challenge for adults. Any scooter that completes the functional part of the wooden badge can be found.

The recipient of the Silver Beaver Award, Huff did not have any children in the program but participated in Scout. Because she knows she is making a difference in an imperfect society.

“Especially in the African American community, there is a great need for people who are willing to work with young people,” she said.

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