Fortsiku announces 1 GW Solar PV Module Factory in Australia

Forscé plans to develop a 1 GW solar module PV factory in Australia for future industries.

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Fortesky Metals Group, a full-fledged Australian steel giant Fortiske Metal Group, said this week that it has acquired a majority stake in Hyet, a group of high-energy energy technologies (HET) that includes solar energy PV module manufacturer HyET. Sun between the properties.

In addition to the acquisition of shares, FIF has agreed to provide the bulk of the financing for the expansion of the High Solar Solar Pv Factory in the Netherlands. The Dutch company, which manufactures flexible solar modules, plans to increase its production capacity to 900 megawatts by the end of this year.

According to Julie Schutworth, General Manager of Forscica Future Industries, FFA also wants to set up a solar PV module manufacturing plant in Australia. Lightweight Powerfoil modules are ideal for high-volume environments, such as utility-sized solar farms and high-cost units such as building-integrated PV, he said.

Schultworth said the project had already begun, but did not provide further details about the planned production facility. “We have started the design study for a 1GW powerhouse plant in Australia and are trying to reduce costs faster than conventional solar PV technology,” he said.

If built, the facility will overshadow South Australia’s Tindo Solar, the only manufacturer of solar PV modules in Australia. Tindo, which will soon start operations at a new state-of-the-art facility on the northern coast of Adelaide, has confirmed that the AUD will have a production capacity of 150 MW ($ 8 million) per year.

Schultworth, for his part, said the discovery of HyET, which contained hydrogen in its properties, was an important milestone in FFI’s vision for the production of comparable green hydrogen. It plans to supply 15 million tons of green hydrogen worldwide by 2030.

“FIFI’s goal is to be a world leader, a full-fledged renewable energy company,” he said. FIF companies’ portfolios of HyET Solar and HyET Hydrogen are based on a commitment to develop technologies needed to withstand emissions and global warming.

Forsei Chairman Andrew Forrest announced plans to build one of the world’s largest renewable energy portfolios with more than 235 GW of renewable energy.

“We are building a portfolio of renewable energy and energy resources around the world,” he said.

HyET has acquired HyET to quickly track FFI’s growing demand for carbon-neutrality by 2030.

“Green forces must be present in industry, internationally. We don’t have time to wait, we have to take action now. ” “The technologies of HyET companies will help us get to that point and the world will quickly begin its journey to zero-carbon.

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