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The world economy is constantly shifting to clean oil. That slow pace will allow the world to continue to use fossil fuels temporarily, giving companies more time to clean up their carbon profile. As a result, investors should not choose to play purely on renewable energy. They can take a more holistic approach and benefit from all aspects of the transition.

With this in mind, we asked some of our energy suppliers for their favorite multi-talented plays in the industry. Here’s why you like the measurement approaches taken Royal Dutch ll l (NYSE: RDS.A)(NYSE: RDS.B), Enbridge (NYSE: ENB), And Total energies (NYSE: TTE).

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Confidence again

Robert Greg Beer (Royal Dutch ll l): As an aunt, I am not happy when he sees a profit cut. That is twice as true when it comes to material changes in the company’s business approach. It explains why I decided to switch to pure energy at the same time as the European Union’s giant energy giant, the Royal Dutch, lost 66% of its share.

I support the company’s use of cash from oil and natural gas businesses, which have been interested in serving for decades, even when the world is green. My problem is that the reduction in profits has made a big difference in corporate thinking when it comes to restoring value to shareholders. However, it will later add three dividends, and it is clear that Royal Dutch still considers dividends as important. Meanwhile, the final increase was 38%. By reading that little bit, the company is trying to explain its commitment to investors. I prefer some cash to go to debt reduction, basically freeing up future cash flows for clean energy investments, but here I also appreciate the importance of signal value.

RDS.B chart

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Thus, while pure energy investments may seem expensive, Royal Dutch will provide a way to enter the sector through a cash cow business that supports its efforts. And investors can harvest 3.7% of their produce on the road from the popular sector. Is this a perfectly pure power game? no I do not. But realistic realism is real, especially when it comes to social justice. Entering into a pure energy field is logical and varied in nature.

Gradual transition

Matt Dillalo (Bridge): Power transitions do not occur overnight. Despite the acceleration of decarbonate in recent years, the transition to clean energy sources will take decades. That means the world economy will continue to depend on fossil fuels in the coming years.

That’s why Bridge is being disciplined and slow to move on. Canada’s energy infrastructure giant has switched to clean energy sources over the past decade, increasing its exposure to natural gas by 33% to 43% and increasing its renewable energy activities from 2% to 3%.

That gradual transition will continue in the coming years. Enbridge currently has 17 billion Canadian dollars ($ 17.4 billion) in expansion projects, including several pipeline expansion and additional natural gas infrastructure. CA is investing $ 3 billion ($ 2.4 billion) on renewable energy projects in Europe, including additional offshore wind farms and some solar power projects. These projects should support an annual cash flow of 5% to 7% per share growth by at least 2023. This bridge should enable the distribution of profits to continue for the past 26 straight years.

That stable change will continue in the coming years. Enrique has identified close to $ 30 billion ($ 23.7 billion) in investment opportunities, including the expansion of additional pipelines, additional gas infrastructure, and more renewable and low-carbon projects. Those future investment opportunities should enable Enbridge to continue to grow its cash flow, which will enable it to continue to grow its dividend.

A rapidly changing oil giant

Neha shoes (Total Energy) The world is turning to clean energy, and they must take strong steps to join the transition so that they are not exposed to environmental and social pressures. But there are no oil giants like Total Energy, which has redefined itself to better reflect the transformation of transportation. Or as the company puts it, “Energy is re-creating itself, Total Energy is becoming energy.

Total Energy, By 2030, it will be one of the world’s five renewable energy producers. He is investing heavily in solar, wind and energy storage, and is seeing a lot of potential, especially from renewable energy sources. By 2050, it will account for 40 percent of total sales. While Total Energy produces and sells mainly oil and natural gas, electricity is the main product of natural gas production.

Overall, Total Energy aims to reduce its oil sales by 35% by 2030 by 2030 and increase its natural gas integration by 50%. Some of the latest activities of Total Energy include:

  • Discover Singapore’s largest electric charging network.
  • In collaboration with Amazon To help it perform 100% renewable energy.
  • In collaboration with Uber To access EV-filling points in France.
  • In collaboration with India’s largest energy and infrastructure partnership to develop solar energy.

Long story short, Total Energy is going to ruin its operations, making it an incredible profit to invest in clean energy.

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