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Dear Editor,

Allow me to comment on an article I recently read in the August 6, 2021, issue of Oil. I would like to cite a few remarks made by Mr. Manniram Prashad, Chairman of the Energy Chamber, who said that in order to take advantage of the growing oil and gas sector in Guyana, it is important to learn quickly and act quickly. . I agree with him that before 2015 there will be no education for the industry or for the local business community. The Guineans believed that the industry would grow and, like oil and gas-rich countries, the economy would grow and then opportunities would flow. But this is not the way to do it, so Mannira is at this point. It is an awareness of the potential needs of the industry for the general public and for the Guinean business community. Guyana should be made aware of the services and other technical support needed. The Guyana here do not ask about the big technicalities but the basics that make them an integral part of the industry. Exxon’s success story in Guyana, from the coast, does not mean that Guyans feel or see the benefits. This is not about oil sales or royalties, but about trade opportunities where Giants’ products and services become recipients of services and other contracts. Instead, many of these basics are under the control of external contractors. To support my remarks, I share the results of a survey conducted by a group of friends over the past few months.

Most of the businesses contracted by the oil and gas industry suppliers follow more than 500 registered businesses in Guyana, the United States with over 260, Guyana with over 140, Canada with over 90 and the UK with around 60 – and get this – Suriname over 50, Brazil and Barbados With multiple results. Guyana can explain how and why it allows us to set up businesses in the oil and gas industry in this country (this hides the basics and is not complicated) and training, authenticity and transportation, and event management, home management, etc. This is very embarrassing when it comes down to it. The Guinean Trinidadis were made to feel they knew all about oil and gas and we had to let them work. But if you doubt me, go yourself and ask what you do hereā€¦ In fact, everyone. Make sure they follow the country’s laws and regulations, are registered with the NIS and GRA and really obey. They do not hire Trinidad or foreign workers to perform basic roles. This must stop – Guyana should enjoy the benefits of this industry. The Guyana have long waited, nurtured, and denied many opportunities in the Caribbean and beyond. Let’s fix this now – oil now.

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Alex James

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