For maintenance, safety checks, block down the wind farm

Supply – Two of the five wind turbines on America’s First Coast wind farm are not running.

Danishrsted, a Danish coastal windmill, has shut down its turbines for general maintenance on Genell Island, but also to conduct tests after problems with the turbine model made by General Electric in Europe.

Workers at the Merke Wind Farm in Germany’s North Sea have experienced signs of stress on some of the project’s GE Haliade turbines in support of the Helihoist platform. The 396-megawatt power plant was temporarily cut off to solve the problem, but the wind farm has since returned online.

In June, Rustus said he had suspended the five-year-old Block Island wind farm as a “precautionary measure” to see if there were similar problems with platforms on top of turbines that could be lowered. From helicopters.

“We are working closely with the supplier on a solution that will allow the generation to reliably re-launch as soon as possible,” said Michael Muhllison, head of North American Operations at Artist.

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