For Brazil cooperation, the price of the first carbon-neutral coffee is sweet

São Paulo, November 22, 2011 (FBC) Brazil Coffee Cooperative has won a premium when it sells carbon-neutral Arabian coffee for the first time. Officials said.

At the first shipment of its kind, a coffee merchant volcano from Japan’s final destination, Brazil Coffee Montesser sold 300 kilograms of coffee in bags per 100 reais ($ 17.89) with a standard certificate. Coffee.

According to Regis Damasio Salles, director of MonteCCer, five other deals are set to close at the same price point. An unnamed American coffee retailer is one of the most sought after buyers.

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Because coffee plants are long-lasting, coffee plants serve as carbon washers that remove carbon dioxide from the air.

The MonteCCer project has developed techniques to further reduce emissions by producing neutral or carbon offsets.

The techniques include more efficient fertilizers, especially nitrogen-based ones, the use of biological products rather than chemicals, and the reduction of energy and water use, as well as advanced irrigation systems such as groundwater.

Imaflora, a Brazilian NGO, was one of the consultants in a program to produce neutral or carbon negative coffee from 34 farms in the Serado region of Minas Gerais.

Those farms produce about 160,000 bags of coffee, which by 2021 will be relatively small compared to nearly 50 million bags of total Brazilian production.

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($ 1 = 5,5894 reels)

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Reporting by Roberto Zamora; Writing by Marcelo Theisera; Edited by Barbara Lewis

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