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The Sustainable Energy Action Committee and the Interstate Renewable Energy Council have launched a new White House website with educational resources and recommendations related to the licensing and testing of clean energy systems. Here is a very good source you can find.

The site’s resources apply to a variety of clean energy stakeholders – from authorized authorities (AHJs), such as the Department of Environmental and Fire; To clean energy contractors, manufacturers and suppliers; Electrical appliances; Experimental Laboratories, and other teams.

This new website contains extensive SEAC resources related to Pure Energy Licensing and Inspection. These include new information notices that provide guidance on how to apply the requirements of the International Housing Code (IRC) to residential energy storage systems, whether the authority will use 2018 IRC or 2021 IRC.
It also includes links to clean energy licenses and testing inputs for code officers, such as training courses for coding officers, how to link model code, how to check solar PV systems, or how to use the SolarAPP + automated licensing system for residential roof projects. Training for firefighters on how to respond to a fire on a solar structure.

The Sustainable Energy Action Committee (SEAC) brings together various clean energy stakeholders to develop consensus-based solutions on code implementation and the challenges of installing clean energy systems on solar, energy storage, electric charging equipment and other technologies. SEAC activities are administered by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council with support from the US Department of Energy.

“SEAC plays a unique role, providing a platform for all clean energy stakeholders to collaborate on clean energy licensing and testing tests,” said SEAC Managing Director and IREC President and CEO. ‚ÄúThis is important because confusion about licensing and inspection requirements increases the cost and time required to deploy clean energy projects.

“The well-established resources on this site will go a long way in improving the licensing and inspection process by increasing the input of stakeholders in all sectors of the clean energy economy,” said SEAC Chairman R. Lead Committee and Supervisor Engineer at UL. “This is an important way to reduce energy costs, make clean energy more accessible to many customers, and achieve climate and clean energy goals.”

In addition to IREC, SEAC’s official partners include the International Association of Electrical Supervisors (IAEI), the International Code Council (ICC), UL LLC, the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF), and the National Association of State Firefighters (NASFM). , SEIA, ESA and California CALSSA. These organizations, as members of the SEAC Coordinating Committee, assist in overseeing SEAC activities.

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