Florida gunman kills 4, including mother still holding baby


September 5, 2021

By Kelly Kennedy Associated Press

Earlier on Sunday, the Florida Sheriff called for a “war-ready” gun, killing four people while her mother was raising her dead child, and she was so violent that she tried to fight with a police rifle at the hospital. caught up.

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Polk County Sheriff Gradi Jud Jude is wearing a full body shield, including a bulletproof vest, outside the Landland home where the suspect was being held. I did not go into detail, except that the lights on the street were lined up.

After a shootout with police and agents: “If not hundreds of rounds,” dozens of people exchanged, Judy’s officers entered the house and found the 11-year-old girl repeatedly shot, and the three dead, the mother still holding her baby. A woman living in a neighboring house was also killed.

Authorities did not name the victims or shooters or the motive for the shooting, but the sheriff said they were initially called in to report a suspicious vehicle.

“God sent me here to talk to your daughters,” Jud told a news conference Sunday.

Police were on the scene for six minutes, but Gradi said he could not find the suspect. No other details have been released about the woman’s relationship with the shooter or the victim.

Nine hours later, at about 4:30 a.m. Sunday, when an officer heard gunshots from a distance, the agency went into active shooting and brought in all the local government and local law enforcement.

Upon their arrival, breakable lights lined the house. The truck – believed to be the suspect – caught fire and heard more gunfire.

The suspect was there, heavily armed, and said he was “ready to engage us all in an active shootout,” judging, but not seeing a weapon.

The suspect immediately ran to his home, where authorities heard another round of gunfire: “A woman screamed and a baby screamed.”

Officers tried to enter the front of the house, but were prevented from doing so. As they turned their backs, the shooter met and started firing, before the suspect returned home.

Everything was quiet until the suspect surrendered, Judith said. He was once shot.

Authorities went inside and found the 11-year-old girl, who had been shot several times. She said that there were three dead in it.

Deputies sent robots home to test mines and other traps. When it became clear, they found a baby in the womb, and another unidentified victim was shot and killed. They also found another woman dead in a neighbor’s house.

The shooter told authorities he was on methamphetamine. Authorities said his vehicle was also loaded with gunfire, including blood pressure monitors.

“He was a coward,” Gradi said. It is easy to shoot innocent children and infants and people in the middle of the night with guns.

The suspect jumped out of the hospital and tried to grab an officer’s gun. “They had to fight him again in the emergency room,” Gradi said, before he was finally arrested and treated.

The suspect is expected to recover and will be sent to jail for prosecution.

“There are more questions at this time than answers,” said state attorney Brian Hass.

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