Fleet investment increase in near zero emissions natural gas trucks – NGT News

California Natural Gas Vehicle Partnership (CNGVP) is showing real sustainable growth towards NZE, NGV and carbon-negative renewable natural gas (RNG). NZE NGVs are currently offering heavy and cost-effective emissions reductions in California, including heavy-duty diesel trucks, the state’s largest single-source source of oxygen (Oxygen) and Toxic diesel fuel (DPM), and one of the largest and growing climate change greenhouse gases (GH) emissions.

“Nowadays, in California and across the country, ships are investing in commercial and certified natural gas vehicles, choosing sustainable technology that meets their broad growth and deep operational needs. In terms of cost and performance, ”said Ashley Remylar, vice president of legal and government affairs at the Hexagon Agreement and vice president of the California Natural Gas Vehicle Partnership.

One example is Matison Truck Inc., which has been taking the courier coast to the US Postal Service since 1964. The subsidiary is the Mateson Postal Service. Farms run more than 16.4 million miles a year. Each Matheson heavy duty NZE natural gas giant equipment runs an average of 185,000 miles per year or 715 miles per day, resulting in significant reductions in diesel use, DPM and GH emissions.

Matison announced that it has ordered 40 other NZE CNG trucks, including the Kenworth CNG-fueled T680 tractors and the CNG T680 sleep-cab tractors, which feature hexagon aggregate Procab 175 and dual ProRail 40 fuel systems. CNG and over 1,000 miles. These trucks are scheduled to arrive by the end of 2021 and early 2022.

“Mattisen continues to invest in NZE NGVs because they are safe, long haul trucks, heavy loads, and they provide the power, range and performance we need to do in difficult situations and on the porches, all reducing our carbon footprint. , Matison Tracking, Inc. Mark Mattson, President and CEO, said: “The other technology available for business today, or even promising for tomorrow, will not be able to deliver the environmental impact we are experiencing.

It is more efficient to invest in NZE NGVs because ships use carbon negative RPG. In Q1 2021, the California Air Force Board’s low-carbon standard program data from renewable warehouses (“Bio-CNG”) averaged at an average annual rate of -16.57gCO2e / MJ. Vehicle fuel available.

CNGVP is a coalition of air quality, transportation and energy agencies. Vehicle and motor manufacturers; Fuel suppliers; Transit and transportation tourist associations; And other stakeholders want to deploy and strengthen low-emission natural gas vehicles throughout California.

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