Five people have been killed and two others missing at a gas station in the Gulf state of Mexico

A Mexican state-owned oil company said Monday that five workers were killed, two were missing and six were injured in a blaze at a gas station in the Gulf of Mexico.

Petroleumios Mexico said the fire had been contained at a processing plant in the Ku-Malob-Zap field.

The company said 125 fires had closed the field, reducing Mexico’s daily oil production by 421,000 barrels. That is about one-fourth of Mexico’s daily production of 1.7 million barrels.

It was unclear what had happened to the two missing workers. The stage was badly burned. According to the company’s director, Octavio Romero, some of the workers killed were repairing and cleaning gas lines on stage.

Romero said the company will try to return the product “as soon as possible.” He had to bring a replacement generator to continue supplying electricity to the wells. Romero expressed hope that the wells would be restored in the “Today or Tomorrow” section.

The platform is used to stimulate the fuel pump and re-pump gas into the wells to supply electricity.

Peméx says it is “fully searching” for the missing. According to Pamex, three of the victims were employees and three others were employed by subcontractors.

One of the dead was a Pamex employee, and the other four were co-workers.

One of the injuries was severe. The two missing workers are from another subcontractor. The repairs were done by subcontractors.

Romero said investigations into the cause of the accident were ongoing.

“This failure is not a result of a lack of maintenance, but of an accident,” said Romero. “Why did it happen? That’s what we found in the next few days. ”

The administration of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obradador has launched a brutal cost-cutting campaign, with critics saying Peméx’s shocking debt burden could hurt investment, security and maintenance.

Romero strongly denied this.

“This is not because of a lack of investment,” said Romero. It is a matter of risks to the oil industry.

The accident caused less than two months after another Petroleum Mexico pipeline spilled in the Gulf.

A leak in the aquifer allowed natural gas to accumulate on the ocean floor, and on July 2, it was ignited by a flash of lightning.

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