Fitzpatrick cosponsors bipartisan Pure Hydrogen Energy Law

On August 3, US Representative Brian Physpatrick (R-Pa) introduced a binary law to stimulate a clean hydrogen economy based on the rapid development of pure hydrogen technologies.

“Funding for fuel cells and hydrogen technology will pave the way for a cleaner future for our country,” he said. We need to be committed to investing in clean energy technologies to reduce our carbon emissions when creating new U.S. jobs.

Hyd 4909, a HR 4909 enactment of the Hydrogen Energy Act, co-sponsored by Bill Doll (D-PA), a U.S. sponsor, accelerates the research, development, demonstration and deployment of hydrogen from renewable energy sources. The account.

“Now is the time to enact this important law that promotes the production, distribution, and storage of pure hydrogen,” said Republican Physatrick.

HR 4909 requires investment in a number of programs to develop a pure hydrogen economy, according to a new Hydrogen R&D program developed by Reporter Physician. Hydrogen production, enhancing hydrogen transport and storage, and multi-purpose use.

HR 4909 also requires the development of four hydrogen “centers” to coordinate projects to build hydrogen production, storage and facilities. The centers are located in different geographical areas and focus on the end use of power generation, transportation, home and commercial heating and industry.

In addition, among other provisions, HR 4909 directs the United States Secretary of Energy to develop a national strategy and roadmap for technology and economics to facilitate the mass production, processing, supply, storage and use of pure hydrogen. Says.

“Hydrogen has the potential to be the best tool in the fight against climate change,” says Republican Doyle. Hydrogen can destroy the transportation, power generation and industrial sectors when using existing infrastructure and fuel supplies.

The measure is being investigated by the US House Science, Space and Technology Committee and the US House Energy and Trade Committee.

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