First, on CNN – Democrats’ clean electricity program will create nearly 8 million jobs by 2031

According to a CNN-independent independent analysis team, if Congress passes a $ 150 billion clean electricity program, American workers will grow by 7.7 million new jobs and grow by nearly $ 1 trillion by 2031. It was sent by local groups to the Evergreen Action and Natural Resources Protection Council, which advocated for strong renewable energy policies.

“These are new jobs, without which there will be no CEP,” co-author Pavel Darling told CNN.

Legislators in Congress are still developing a clean billing program that will provide incentives and fees for the addition of renewable energy and other forms of clean energy to their electricity portfolio, such as nuclear, hydropower and carbon. Punish those who are unable to adequately develop clean electricity sources.

Although that figure may change, Congress is currently considering an estimated $ 150 billion.

Minnesota Democrat Sen. Tina Smith, a senior CCP advocate in the Senate, said Minnesota Democrat Sen. Tina Smith said: , For CNN.

Smith added that his work does not focus on one state or territory. For example, the report shows the largest solar eclipse in Southeast America, as well as the mid-west and west-west winds.

“This is not a good opportunity for California or for one place or another,” Smith said. This is widespread throughout the country. ”

Most of the jobs will be provided by the US grid, which will provide power to construction, wind, solar and other renewable energy infrastructure, Darling said. Jobs in retail and manufacturing will also increase, the analysis found.

Darling told CNN: “This has more to do with spending money and stimulating economic activity.

In addition, since CEPP is a federally funded incentive program for fossil fuels, it does not require utilities to retire their existing fossil fuels immediately – which could result in job losses.

“CEPP builds a lot of renewable resources, but it does not have a negative impact on existing resources because many of these resources remain online,” Darling said.

Joel Jagger, a researcher at the World Resource Institute’s Climate Program, who did not participate in the analysis, told CNN’s research team that “it seems very reasonable.”

“Modeling conditions are always predictable, but they are definitely in the right order, as I have seen in previous economic analysis,” Jger told CNN in an email. The most important thing from this study is that economic impacts are positive, not negative. With the passage of the clean electricity bill and clean energy tax credits, it will be the most influential climate law in American history, and this study shows that it is not worth the economy, it benefits it. That never makes sense.

This is not the only study that shows job opportunities in renewable energy. Analysis report comes a day after President Joe Biden’s Department of Energy released a solar study, showing that solar power has the potential to generate 40% of the country’s electricity and employ 1.5 million people by 2035.
A.D. April April By 2030, they have set a goal of cutting US greenhouse gas emissions by 50-52%. Biden’s administration and congressional Democrats say much of that goal comes from the CPP. Thanks to renewable energy such as wind and sun. A separate analysis from Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer found that about 42% of Binden’s target could come from CEPP and renewable energy tax incentives.
Democrats are focusing on electricity as a silver bullet to decarbonate, which has the potential to be a major force in the US economy. Zero emissions can generate energy for vehicles and heat and cool buildings, and can reduce fossil fuel emissions for other sectors of the economy. But electricity itself must come from renewable sources.

“Pure electricity will end up being an indicator of a clean economy,” says Leah Stox, a senior policy consultant at Evergreen and associate professor of political science at Santa Barbara University in California. It was revealed that we can use clean electricity to clean our transportation, buildings and even heavy industrial components.

Another CEPP design helps pay for federal utilities in a theoretical way to keep consumers low-cost – especially when utilities move from fossil fuels.

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“This is an investment by the federal government to reduce electricity bills when it comes to cleaning the system,” Stokes said. Without that investment, utilities may be costing people more.

An analysis of the research team shows that most of the economic benefits and activities of CEPP may come by the end of the decade, as programs improve to achieve 80% pure electricity by 2030.

For example, the report says that CEP will add $ 85 billion to the economy by 2022 to 2027, and $ 823 billion by 2028 to 2031. .

The report predicts that future administrations will stick to the 2030 target. Proponents of CEPP say that if Congress passes the program and the US Department of Energy recently launches it, it will accept the resources and enter into a long-term plan to create immunity from political changes.

The only way it can be reversed is through addition [Congressional] Take action on the road, ”Arjun Krishnawami, climate policy director at NRDC Climate and Clean Energy Program, told CNN.


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