Find out how to improve your racing on Zwift

There is no doubt about it, the Zwift race is a tough one. You don’t have to explore corners and block cavalry, but you have imaginary winds, different terrain, and terrain to deal with, so you need an urgent understanding in order to stick with the team and get into the shot. In the end. There are many new skills to learn, but that means you can improve a lot …

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The competition can be very good, so it is important to stick to it, even if the result is not what you expected. Going up with the team and trying to hold on to a higher virtual tire is a great way to push the hardest part of the past. Being able to stay in a team for a longer period of time allows you to dig deeper and get the best out of the race, even if it is not challenging for the top jobs.

Improving your fitness to lower the maximum watt may certainly help, but learning the tricks of the stage quickly leads to that. If you are out of this world at Kilo watts, but still one of the gifts that are being crushed by the “housewife”, this advice is for you.

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We spoke to one of the attackers in the imaginary world, the House Specialist Team Saris + Pro Pro Closer Mike Kuming to find out the main tips to stumble upon your opponents. Mike previously traveled to the Madison Genesis Continental Team and is currently second in the UK Swift rankings, although he is actually from his new base in Australia, where he rides.

Here’s what he said about how you can boost your Zwift Race game …

The time Ace of the driver

It may seem strange from start to finish, but everything is exaggerated online so it’s a good starting point to understand how the platform works.

In the final race, everything is running the distance ahead of the line and driving on the road – “It’s not like running on the road, it’s more about time,” says Mike. You can produce three or four watts less than one kilogram per person, but if you get the jump right, you can overcome it.

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Mike explains: “I find it important to be in front of you for a mile, but not in front of you because you are stepping behind. It’s all about perfection – you’re trying to turn the tide.

Hide in the wheels and get up quickly before you start your winning action.

Home training by zwift - roadcc kit Liam 2.PNG

If you reach 300 meters to mark or see everyone turning to red numbers per kilogram – this means everyone has started running – you should not lower your head and do it. Look at the screen now, ”says Mike. Focus on running, pushing, pushing, pushing.

Sometimes it can be a little dragging to the end, Mike admits.

Learn how to make the best use of power generators

Power loads are your friend. When they are difficult to catch, you can lift the edge or attack your killer or be a platform to run.

Mike says, “If you don’t have air conditioning to run, it’s very difficult to do well. To finish it, you have to keep Aaron there.

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As power failure often comes at a critical point in the race, you simply need control access to power up so you have exactly what you need when you need it. If you have to stretch to reach it, you will see a watt drop that partially cancels the bonus increase …

One solution is to place your phone next to a Zipift-related app on a small table, while another is uploading your phone or Zwift racing device to your handle.

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VO2 Project Destruction Control

The VO2 project has an electronic competition controller to generate fast power. There is also a slider between different camera angles and a talk button for disc conversations (to connect with your friends / groups during the race).

Stay in your team position

It is challenging to move and maintain your position in the Swift team, and practice these skills.

Mike recalls: “When I start, I push forward, then back, then forward.”

You have to be vigilant first – Mike says, “I’m so sorry to focus.” “Sometimes I get upset and suddenly I walk five meters behind him.

“Once you get to the right place, from the middle to the front of the group, then you can continue to see the waves and you can respond.

“Raise your watts a little bit and keep doing that. Keeping those small speeds all the time will keep you close to the front.

If you push back, it will be harder, because you will have to work harder to get back to the front – you can save energy if you are on.

Practice is needed to judge how many watts you need to add to stay in the middle-front sweet spot. If you lift it too high, it will hit the front and full load winds that send you forward.

Preview the lesson

“If you know the course you’re going to run, that helps,” says Mike. If you know that in a real-world competition, you will not want to be left behind.

“It’s not that bad at Swift, but if you go to a room in big bushes, hills or dust, you don’t want to go back.

2021 Zwift Umezi Map 6

If you are behind and then 10 to 15 people start going really hard, you will not see it because you will not see the watt increase immediately to the right per kilogram.

It is best to pre-empt when large efforts occur.

Stay in front of the ring where you can

“If you know it’s going up, you know you can turn it on and get it on,” says Mike.

At the very least, he advises you to try to stay in front of the group so that they know what is happening.

2021 Zwift is off MAAP 3

I was often arrested, even in wheelchairs.

If you go too far and suddenly the tent goes away and you go two seconds back, you can’t go back because it’s too fast.

Keep track of what is being watered by other drivers where you can – it shows you if someone is attacking you and is a good indication of how serious you should be.

Learn how to get out of the big and the small

Keep sitting in the vehicles and follow the drivers as far as you can. Drafts still make a difference here, so use your maximum to protect your energy.

Mike says, “If it’s just 4 or 5 percent longer, you can get some benefit from designing people.

It is very easy to stay on the wheels.

Large stairs can be very scary and clap the pedals to stay on the wheels where you can worry, they are actually small stairs that can hold you. You may be strong, but it is very important to stay on these strong arrows.

“Before the ascent began, the speed went up, and so did the descent,” says Mike.

With this in mind, you want to pre-empt when the speed starts to rise. You can do this by looking at the lesson in advance and writing some clues about the steps, or by watching the upcoming profile chart at the top right of the screen.

When it is 30 seconds to one minute long, it always goes to the bottom, and then to the top.

Horses are trying to take their place in time, so it will gradually rise a mile[1 km].

It’s basically like finishing, but only in small amounts – “You’ve really taken the time to the bottom of the stairs, try to carry as fast as you can, catch this speed and then turn it on top of the mountain,” says Mike.

Increase the coaching objectivity

Also, paying attention to the future profile, raising your coach’s problem will change how high he feels about going up, and this has its benefits.

2020 Elite Direto XR Interactive Trainer.jpg

If you are suffering in the race, it may be difficult to see at a glance what the heights are.

Since the speed really tends to climb mountains, we hope you hit the climb, so you can start hitting the pedal and we hope you don’t fall behind.

This real-time effect does not need to be turned upside down, setting it to 50% allows you to notice changes in the level without having to digest.

It’s better if you know that a short, steep climb is coming up so you can get in quickly, but at least they will go down under the influence of reality so as not to go backwards.

Choose a course that suits your strengths

In all this talk about hills, it is worth noting that you can avoid such courses if you have already made some effort.

Zwift Contests take place on a variety of courses such as this.

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You can see the total distance and altitude when you check out the races on the accompanying app. While this is a good starting point, go to Swift Power to see how high profits are paid. Maybe it’s like a NYC KOM After Party or an Innsbruck KOM After Party course.

Richmond UCI World Profiles

For several miles flat, head to Temps Fugit. If you like shorter, more steep climbs, break it into the Richmond UCI worlds, or if you want a longer climb to the London loop.

Leave time to warm up

Zwift races start hard. Extremely heavy.

“It’s just cruel,” says Mike. But just walk that first mile and you’ll be fine – it’ll always calm down after a while.

To get past those first two or three minutes of brutality, though, you need to get your feet moving.

Mike added: “I went in for half an hour and worked the same heat as before.

“Slowly up, nice and slow, then I do two sweet spot efforts for five minutes, after which the saddle follows two hard 30 seconds. Then take things in stride and try not focus too much on the problem. ”

Turn that fan into a full blast

2021 Vacaster Cardio54 Training Fan - Home Set.jpg

A key part of your Zwifting setup is the effective cooling system in place for all indoor riding. They want a fan, someone very powerful.

If your body is very hot and there is no wind inside, you can really warm up quickly.

If you are really suffering from heat, you can try some special home appliances, such as the NoPinz SubZero stock, which is designed to actively cool the core body temperature in a pocket that can be covered with ice packs.

Also, think about drinking a lot of electrolytes during and after sports, because they bloom a lot.

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Go to these tips and let us know how to enter in the comments below. Break it, recover it and try again!

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