Financial Activities 2 2U Completes Purchase for $ 800m edX – DC

When it comes to innovation and disruption, it is not uncommon for DMV to invest in socially-equitable issues and companies. Despite its reputation as a nonprofit and activist center, technology certainly does not hesitate to think about the next steps in the world around us. And funding rounds are no different.

From renewable energy to wildfires to education, DC-based companies are investing this month.


Lanham, Maryland Edtech Company 2 U The Cambridge, Massachusetts Education Forum has officially completed the $ 800 million acquisition edX, The company announced this week.

2U announced the news in early June, edX said it would act as part of the public interest and continue its current leadership. He said the company is expected to reach around $ 1 billion in annual revenue by the end of this year.

EdX founder and CEO after the deal was closed You shared Joins 2U as Chief Open Education Officer. At the time of purchase, the couple will be able to overcome the barriers of university and corporate partnerships to offer online courses and partnerships. Harvard, MIT, UC Berkeley, Google And IBM Everyone starts new programming on edX platform. The couple pledged $ 1 million to nonprofit partnerships to create virtual reality courses.

“There is an urgent need in society to make learning affordable, accessible and equitable – for all students, at every stage of life. Combining that mission has made EDX a global brand and a destination for students everywhere, ”said 2U founder and CEO. Christopher Pauck In the statement. “This is the mission we are pursuing now, helping higher education institutions and employers build a sustainable future, providing people with the high quality learning experiences they need to grow their lives and careers, and making them all one of the best in the world.” Online learning forums.


Bioenergy DavkoA biofuel company headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland, has completed a $ 100 million megawatt for facility development in the US.

Finance is funded by funds. Cruel partnersCalifornia Administrative Agency. Bio Energy will use the money to develop additional anaerobic digestion facilities, which will turn waste into renewable energy and soil products. It currently manages 140 facilities worldwide, currently constructing 20 digestive units. The facility, under construction in Maryland, has the capacity to process 115,000 tons of waste annually, according to Bio Energy. Central Park In New York City.

“We are thrilled to be part of the Irrawaddy mission to keep our planet healthy with anaerobic digestion,” he said. Shawn Kreloff, Founder and CEO of Bio Energy in a statement. “Anaerobic digestion, as evidenced by our success across Europe, is the most environmentally responsible way to recycle food waste and reduce emissions and achieve North American carbonation and climate goals. Bioengineering Devco technology can permanently convert food waste from waste bins, giving it a useful second life for this discarded organic material.


Geospatial and Data Analysis Organization HydrosatThe DC-based company announced this week that it has received a $ 10 million seed fund. OTB Ventures He led the round with more involvement. Free Flow Venture, Agricultural Capital, Santa Barbara Venture Partners And Expo Capital.

Hydathose collects surface temperature data using satellite infrared sensors. The money will be used to market the product for groundwater analysis, which will help ecologists better understand wildfires, droughts and water stress.

He said the world’s fresh water resources are under stress due to climate change conflict and population growth Peter Fossel, Hydrosat CEO, in a statement. “Megadroads, which currently affect the West and Central United States, are leading to a decline in crop yields. At the same time, wildfires and environmental damage are taking a heavy toll on human life. With this investment, we can better assess the global surface temperature on a daily basis to help companies make more informed and timely decisions.


See below to see who is raising in the area.

  • Herndon, Virginia-based cyber security company Expulsion It has raised $ 140 million in a series of E rounds, reaching more than $ 1 billion at Unicorn.
  • District Cyber ​​Security Agency SnapAttack $ 8 million in financial support was seized during the run-off Voluntary Capital Following the launch of the company from Congress Booth Allen Hamilton. We have Booth and Strategic Cyber ​​Venture He participated in the tour.
  • KeyCaliber, DC Automated Crown Jewelry Review Company has raised $ 2.6 million in seed fund Literary Venture, Unusual venture, And HearstLab And industrial investors Brian Nesmiz, Sumit Agarwal And Dove Yoran. The funds will be used to bring in technology and sales recruitment.
  • Aerospace Company Northrop GrummanHeadquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, pledged $ 12.5 million. Virginia Tech Innovation CampusIt is currently under construction. The university provides funding for research and teaching, postgraduate fellowships and new faculties, as well as new education. Quantum Architecture Center And software development.
  • Renewable Battery Manufacturing Company Flexible battery, Based in DC, received an unknown amount from the angel network Potential Energy DC.
  • Arlington, Virginia Medtech Company OxiWear, 2020 RealLIST Beginners The candidate, who developed an ear-mounted oxygen control device, raised $ 1.25 million worth of seeds. Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation, Earlier Innovation Technology Center.
  • Norfolk, Virginia SVT RoboticsSoftware developer for robots closes $ 25 million series A Tiger Global.
  • NetographyAnapolis-based security company in Maryland has raised $ 45 million for the Serie A-led round Bessemer Venture Partners And SYN Ventures. Existing investors Andreessen Horowitz, Mango Capital, Harp Ventures And Wing Venture Capital He participated in the tour.
  • Game studio and virtual world developer DubitThe United States has raised $ 8 million to open a sports league in Metavers, which hosts its headquarters in DC. Robolox Forum.
  • Germantown, Maryland Biotech Company Deka Biosciences, Finances $ 20 million fundraiser Jumping in Beyer And Lumira Venture. O-bio, Viva BioInnovator And Alexandria Venture Investments He participated in the tour.
  • Professional Services Organization Accenture Federal Services A $ 618 million action order has been awarded for updating IT systems critical to missions American Marshall Service.
  • Organization of IT and AI Solutions NCI information systemsThe two-year relay in Riston, Virginia, won $ 14 million Federal Communications Commission Contract.


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