FDA Accepts Nutriterra® Total Omega-3 Canola Oil is a Safe New Nutrient

Served Nutrition General Manager, Benita Botner“Today’s announcement by the FDA is a significant milestone in the emergence of omega-3 canola oil,” he said. “The FDA’s recognition will enable us to expand into the human nutrition market and meet the growing demand for plant-based DHA + EPA omega-3 alternatives.”

The nucleus omega-3 canola helps to fill the gap between how long the omega-3 chain is needed to support human and animal nutrition and what the ocean can provide in a sustainable way. It has a unique DHA + EPA and ALA rich omega-3 profile and is supported by the human diet (marketed as Nutrira)®) And animal feed (marketed as Aquaterra®).

Although the health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids are well known, very few people make the most of these three essential nutrients. Ms. Botner considers this a sensory experience for fish oil and the high cost of ocean health or algae oil. “By recognizing that Nutrera is a safe new nutrient, we are well on our way to attracting new consumers and increasing our omega-3 intake near the recommended daily intake,” she said.

Human clinical trials with Nutriterra have shown that the long chain of fatty acids, omega-3 fatty acids, is easily absorbed into the bloodstream. Nutriterra A2000 mg / day service significantly improves omega-3 status indicators, including omega-scoreTM And the Omega-3 index, both support cardiovascular and cognitive health.

USADA (US Department of Agriculture) In 2018, the implantation of omega-3 canola was out of control. Australia, new Zealand, And Canada And it is improving with more control applications in other key markets around the world.

About Nuseed Nutritional, Aquaterra ® And Nutriterra ®
Nuseed Nutritional is developing the world in a safe and sustainable way by developing its supply chain and opening up new end-user markets for products that surpass Nused technology. The world’s longest-serving source of omega-3 fatty acids Australia Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CRAO) and Grain Research and Development Corporation (GRDC).

Aquatra® Omega-3 oil from the nucleus omega-3 canola is included in acupuncture and is an alternative to fish oil. The oil is also called Nutriterra for human nutrition® And supply of non-marine sources of these essential nutrients. Both are proprietary sources that provide sustainable ground-based alternatives for the production of omega-3 fatty acids. More information at aquaterraomega3.com and nutriterraomega3.com

About Nused
Nuseed VALUE BEYOND YIELD is opening to the full potential of canola, carina, sorghum and sunflower.®. Nused provides new, sustainable plant-based solutions to farmers, industries and end-users, adding value to each participant at each stage and in NCD’s value chain.

More than 250 Nuseed employees work in 18 locations around the world, including three world-class Nuseed Innovation Centers. Established in Australia A.D. In 2006, Nussad grew to provide industry leader Jurplasm, advanced molecular capabilities, regional R&D and business experiments with dedicated teams. Australia, Europe, North America And South America, And sales in more than 30 countries. Nuseed is wholly owned by Nufarm Limited (ASX: NUF). Learn more at nuseed.com

More info: Katrina Benedict
Director of Marketing and Communications, Omega-3
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+ 1 530 490 1038

SOURCE Nuseed Nutritional

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