Fast 18 – Jerry Seinfield, Barack Obama and Paddig Harrington at Pebble Beach – John Rooney’s Dream Round

As Managing Director of Flagas in Ireland, John Rooney knows that the coming summer will be a challenging winter in terms of energy costs.

He is a very good golfer and when some of the best players in Europe play at the Flatas Irish Amateur Open from Friday to Sunday, he hopes to take some tips to help him with his disability. For the first time in 20 years, Eisling has lost his wife.

Disability: 10

Club: Gren GC, Ratfurnham

1 How is your golf?

Very mixed! Although I lost a little distance, my long game of standing up straight was great. My short game was very weak, but especially with the chip at close range. I can’t complain because I don’t practice enough. I run to my first tea every Saturday and hope it will be a good day.

2 How did you get started in the game?

My father was a good golfer and played 4 or 5 for a long time. A.D. In 1982, while on a nine-hole course, we joined Woodenbridge in 1982 as family members for IR 75. I played a lot during the summer and reduced my disability to 12 to estimate at 14.

3 Choose your weapon… and why?

Driver. Despite the compression points, there is nothing better than driving in the sweet spot of the club and seeing a good flight in the middle of the pitch.

4 Links or Parks?

Links to me. They have that festive feeling for them: good views, sea sound, sandy warehouses and spacious open spaces. I like to be able to use my putter or hex metal on the green to overcome my chips problems. Ireland is blessed to have so many great link courses in the world at our doorstep.

5 When were you happy on the golf course?

My husband and I went to St. Andrew’s in 2006, hoping to play the Old Course. We registered with the beginner for about eight hours every hour until he said, “Take your wood.” We both played well and even split the road to drive the perfect day.

6 Who is your sports hero?

The golfer must have been a savior. Just the way he played the game with that feeling and imagination. In Portmarnock, I loved going to the Old Carolina Open and watching him play every year. The hero who does not play golf may be Brian Odriscol. Only the best rugby player I have ever seen playing.

What is the biggest challenge in equalizing 18 in your home club or energy business?

Grade 18 is hard to reach. But now the power supply is proving to be unprecedented in an unprecedented increase in total energy costs affecting suppliers and customers. The transition to renewable energy should provide better value in the medium term, but we are in the midst of a challenging period in the near future.

8 What are your golf interests? Do you have one?

To find my disability under my wife, under Eisling! She is now out of 8 and down to 4, but last year she was in 1 shot, but in 20 years I have never been able to get below her.

9 Name your dream four balls (should not be golf players). And name the place.

Jerry Seinfield, Barack Obama and Padray Harrington. I don’t think I’ll get a word from end to end, but it will be an exciting round with a wide range of topics. I’d love to play at Pebble Beach.

10 If you could change something about golf, what would happen?

Since most people do not have time for 4 or 5 hour rounds, I will have many more 9-hole singles competitions.

11 What if I gave you Muligan in your golf career?

About six years ago, I had to win the Captain’s Award in Grunge to regain the 10-meter mark. I saw the rest that was not there and I hit a nice t-shirt that slid past. I haven’t come close to the show since.

12 If you only have one round to play, where will it be?

August National. For my 50th birthday in 2018 I was lucky enough to go to the Masters and I was scared of the place. The picture was perfect and the streets were very nice and green. I only want to play once; Even though I’m out of town – it doesn’t have much for the city.

13 What do you like best about the three?

Probably the 6th in Royal Portsh instead of standing on the tech box watching the spectacular views and ocean and white rocks. While that is my favorite, it is hard to beat 11th in the Greens for the real championship Par 3 in Ireland.

14 What if you could change something about yourself?

I love a strong, painless back. After many years, I could not start the day without spending 15 minutes every morning, which would be boring and boring. I’m worried it could get worse and end my golf career!

15 What is your most valuable asset (golf or other)?

My health. I was in an age when I could not take anything for granted. I just want my three daughters to grow up and fulfill some of their desires. I want to play a lot of golf around the world in my long and happy retirement.

16 What if you could change something about your golf course?

To be a better chipper and putter. The hole is all about good and good spending time (and money) focusing on the first 400 yards, but the point is the last 20 yards and I am not good enough.

17 Who is your favorite golfer at all times? how?

After reading the book “The Greatest Game So Far,” I had to say Francis O’Malley. It is the greatest book of all, and it gives us insight into how respectful and decent he was. His mother was Irish and he grew up in Boston, where he developed a love for the club at the Brooklyn Club.

18 What do you think about absolute happiness?

On a sunny day, he and his family and some close friends gathered around a barbecue grilled with kebabs and steak. Lots of laughter and storytelling. We Irish people do that well.

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