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Geophysics Michael Wisem, a professor of geography and planetary science at the University of Washington in the arts and sciences at the University of Washington, teaches “Energy and the Environment” and the author of the Great Courses lecture series, “Energy Science-Resources” and Power. “Here’s a break with the 9-point power plan of President-elect Joe Biden, point-to-point and give his own opinion on what is possible.

Everything he does will be a great improvement.

Michael Wise

  1. “Change the TPLF damage and then some of it. Biden wants to initiate, restore, and / or increase vehicle fuel economy requirements, methane pollution restrictions, and new oil and gas leases. Car companies are focusing on R&D to meet high mileage standards, especially electric vehicles (EVs), so they don’t worry about high levels unless the playing field is standard. Large petroleum companies are frustrated by the small companies’ disobedience, so they support strong methane emissions controls. At the Arctic National Wildlife Sanctuary this month, oil rental initiatives by oil companies were impressive. All of this is possible.
  2. A.D. Push the greenhouse gas emissions law into 2050 economy-wide-zero. Any law in the United States Congress, which is incredibly biased today, is challenging, but especially on this controversial topic. However, technological advances have made cheaper wind and solar energy than any other fossil fuel, including natural gas, and there are several ways to do this, according to the Princeton University’s Net-Zero America project last month. It is possible.
  3. Re-engage with other countries in climate change efforts, including joining the Paris Agreements. Joining is not as easy as you think, but it takes a lot of time for this administration for four years. By 2024, as an anti-science administration, Binden will have more time to convince him that it can do enough to prevent another major setback. in case.
  4. Invest more than $ 400 billion in clean energy and innovation over 10 years. For the past 50 years, US presidents have always invested in one form or another. The government provided about $ 100 billion in energy-related R&D from 1973-2002, half of which went to nuclear power and the rest to fossil fuels and renewable energy. The second Bush administration changed this in 2002-08 and spent about $ 72 billion on subsidies for coal, oil, gas or ethanol. The Obama administration has diverted 75% of its energy budget on renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency, and we expect the same from Beiden. However, $ 400 billion is a huge amount of money – about twice as much as the Apollo program today, and the economy has been badly hurt to start this at any time. Very ambitious; Partial success.
  5. Accelerate the deployment of clean energy technology in the US economy. Beden wants to make buildings more energy efficient and install half a million public EV charging stations by 2030. Jennifer Granholm, a former Michigan governor at Benden Energy, was a successful leader who pushed for the AV. A way to create jobs and grow the economy during a deadly crash ten years ago. Granol’s focus has shifted to fossil fuels and to renewable energy sources. Biden is credited with saving the Detroit car industry and its vast array of jobs. And everyone loves jobs. If Biden successfully presents the Rapid Research Projects Agency (RIA-C), it will be a great blessing for R&D in all areas of renewable energy technology (Naked, Contempt, McKellev School of Engineering!). Most likely.
  6. “Prioritize local justice over all federal agencies. Back to Granholm – The biggest push for major wind and solar projects in Michigan was based on historical imbalances in fossil fuels’ health and environmental impact on small communities. Biden’s future administration will work on diversity. Granholm (Canada) and DOE Deputy Director Arum Mamudar (from India), both Stanford Engineering professors, started by the Obama / Biden Agency for Advanced Research Projects-Energy (RPA). : They complete the work.
  7. Hold the pollsters accountable. Biden directs the EPA and the Department of Justice to monitor corporations involved in large-scale greenhouse gas emissions. This type of litigation is complex and slow, but it could help major US oil companies push for renewable energy (as their European counterparts already do). No, but it can be scary for corporations to change old habits.
  8. “Create 10 million well-paid, middle-class, clean energy cooperatives. Obama created a total of 12.5 million jobs in eight years. Biden needs more than four out of 10 million. However, Biden’s plan covers the entire energy industry, including modernizing the grid (a major priority for Majumdar), building small-scale nuclear power plants, simplifying agriculture and heavy industry, and carbon storage and storage, and wind development. And solar at all scales. That means a lot of work. It also means a lot of debt in connection with national debt. Very ambitious; Maybe in eight years.
  9. “Repair fossil fuel industry communities. Beden is committed to helping coal communities in health areas (black lung programs) and work (modern job rehabilitation efforts). But Binden wants votes from West Virginia’s largest coal state, moderate Democratic senator Joe Manchin. He must do this. could be. ”

Overall, Wisez notes that Biden’s plans are aggressive, but many things can be achieved. With the recent Senate victory in Georgia, these wishes have come true.

Michael Wise

Trump’s “energy policy” has weakened (and failed) from existence to ignorance.

“Everything Biden does is a big improvement,” he said. You have already reached the grid level with the wind and the sun, you have to wear shades because the future is very bright. Let’s just hope all of them Washington Republicans are not blind to the eclipse. ”

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