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State Minister for Environment, Saron Ikeazor

State Minister for the Environment Sharon Ikeazor said the federal government should use hydro fluorocarbon (HCN) as a refrigerant.

According to the Montreal Protocol, the government has successfully completed more than 4,000 metric tons of ozone depletion in Nigeria.

He made the remarks in a statement in Abuja to pay tribute to the protection of the ozone layer.

He also said that Montreal’s protocols have provided a platform for more than 198 countries to work together to eliminate ozone depletion (ODS).

He said the ministry has strengthened cooperation with stakeholders on the importance of ozone layer protection as well as awareness creation activities, including training and effective monitoring of technicians in the affected sectors.

We have partnered with the United Nations Development Program to develop a national cooling plan. The national cooling plan will begin soon as we prepare to include it in the National Resolutions (NDCs). In line with the protocols ‘ODS’ expiration schedule, we have transformed the technology line of more than 700 enterprises in Arosol into friendly ozone, ”said Ikeazor.

The government is expected to provide cooling and air conditioning classes to 26 institutions, including polytechnics and government technical colleges, which will allow it to withstand global temperatures of up to 0.4 degrees Celsius. The end of the century.

Environmentalists say it is important to intensify efforts to tackle ozone depletion in the country, which he said is linked to global warming and climate change and cancer.

He reiterated the need for greater awareness of the protection of the ozone layer, which protects people from harmful UV rays.

‘Montreal Protocol; “Our food and vaccines are great,” said Dr. Dolapo Fasawe, General Manager of the Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency (LASPA). Ensure that prohibited refrigerators and other ozone supplements (ODS) do not enter the country.

According to Fasawe, this year’s theme is to renew the government’s commitment.

She emphasized the need for refrigeration to keep the environment, food and medicine cool, and other benefits include not only living in a healthy and well-built environment, but also increasing labor productivity and reducing food waste by 15 percent. .

Blinda Odeneye, Permanent Secretary of the Office of Environmental Services (OIS) in Lagos, thanked ODS Cooling sector.

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