ExxonMobil launches natural gas certification

Exxon Mobile wants to strengthen its reliability in its efforts to reduce methane emissions, starting with its work on poker facilities in New Mexico.

The multi-world oil giant is partnering with the non-profit MiQ, an independent verifier, to start the natural gas verification process from Lake Pokémon in the Permanian Basin. Certified natural gas emissions reduction efforts and help customers meet their emissions goals.

“There is a growing demand for products that will help customers achieve their ESG objectives,” said Exxmobile spokesman, citing environmental, social and administrative initiatives.

She told The Reporter in an email:

She said she is in talks with various gas buyers who are evaluating ways to achieve their ESG goals. MIK provides reliable third-party verification of our emissions reduction efforts. Our goal is to be a choice provider for customers who want to demonstrate ESG performance by producing certified natural gas that meets reliable and independent standards around methane management.

Developing and maintaining the MiQ Standard is a partnership between RMI, the former Rocky Mountain Institute and SYSTEMIQ, an international sustainability consultant. This is a framework for evaluating and rating methane strength, enhanced monitoring technology alignment, and practices that promote a culture of excellence management and continuous improvement. A MII accredited independent auditor conducts the evaluation and, based on the results obtained by the auditor, provides MIC trading certificates.

“We are reducing methane emissions responsibly and economically, and we can work with Mickey to provide a reliable third-party guarantee for those of our customers,” said Bart Kahir, vice president of ExxonMobil. Efforts. As we improve our operations, securing our natural gas will help our customers achieve their goals and have a lower carbon footprint.

As production in New Mexico continues to grow, ExxonMobil has already chosen Poker Lake as a testament to its wide range of technology solutions, scalability, proximity to nearby markets and growth potential. The company has expanded its range of state-of-the-art LiDAR (light detection and measurement) imaging and SOOFIE (Contractor Frequent Observation) methane detection technologies and is reviewing additional next-generation applications, including satellites and artificial intelligence. Ongoing initiative to find smart and fast ways to identify and reduce emissions.

The company plans to reduce its methane emissions by 15 percent compared to 2016 levels and increase by 25 percent by the end of 2020. The company has conducted more than 23,000 voluntary methane sewerage tests at more than 9,500 stations and removed all high-volume pulmonary embolism products in the United States.

Excon Mobile announces plans to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 compared to 2016 levels. The plans cover 15 to 20 percent of greenhouse gas capacity in the basin. The reductions are supported by a reduction of methane strength by 40 to 50 percent and a reduction by 35 to 45 percent. The company aims to achieve industry-leading greenhouse gas performance by 2030.

An estimated 200 million cubic feet of natural gas is estimated and certified daily from Pokémon Lake. Certified natural gas will be available to customers in the fourth quarter of 2021.

The agreement with Mickey will help develop the US Institute of Petroleum’s recent climate action framework for various U.S. natural gas markets. Under this framework, clean fuel will be superior in three areas – natural gas, electricity and transportation.

As a major natural gas exporter, the framework also requires the development of various US natural gas markets. Under this framework, the API will use its expertise to develop industry standards and increase the transparency, reliability, and international knowledge of natural gas.

According to King, ExxonMobil is reviewing additional certification opportunities, including other Permian Basin fields and production sites, including Appalachia and Haynesville. He said the expansion and timing will depend on market demand.

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