The online battery industry training program, previously published in Spain, will be introduced to France after the government signed a memorandum of understanding with the European Union on skills training.

A press release issued by a public relations company announcing the arrival of the EBA250 academy in France will train 150,000 people in France by 2025.

Raw material production

As a body pv magazineInitiated by UP, we focus on raw materials in the energy storage industry. Read about lithium extraction, Congolese cobalt, and raw material recycling in Chile, and contact to learn more.

When needed, a face-to-face training program has been developed by the European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT) and has already been launched in Spain.

Today’s media coverage of the program – including topics such as electromobile, residential and grid balance storage, recycling and information science – will be distributed in other European countries this year and “any engineer or executive can apply,” he said.

EIT InnoEnergy is responsible for coordinating the work of the European Battery Alliance industry and government bodies working to establish a sustainable battery supply chain in the European Union. The union will be the first to name the Ibaba 250 Academy, which aims to achieve 250 billion euros in the battery industry.

Today’s statement states that local training providers will offer the courses, which may explain why the press release cited the initiative as a public-private partnership. pv magazine He asked for clarification of the private sector aspect of the program.

Vice President of the European Commission Marsho Šefčovič, who started EBA welcomed the training initiative in October 2017. Mentioned in today’s press release: There is EVVV 2021 It could be another highlight year for the European Battery Alliance — and thanks to our determined joint efforts to tackle this rapidly growing skill test. The new battery industry needs a new set of skills. Re-skills and skills programs, such as the EBA250 Academy, will help support skills related to labor market needs and strengthen the European recovery community. In this context, I am pleased to see that Europe continues to be a global hub for battery investment. By 2025, we are ready to produce at least six million electric cars a year.

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