European stocks shake as oil slides over rising Delta volatility – California News Times

European stocks struggled to keep track of a week-long new record as investors expect key inflation data from the United States over the weekend.

Overall, the STOXX 600 index rose 0.5% in the early stages of trading, while the British FTSE 100 fell 0.2% due to lower commodity prices. On Monday, oil and mining companies BP, Royal Dutch and Antofagasta were towed.

In addition to last week’s fall, oil has suffered further losses, fearing that markets could widen demand for the spread of cornevirus delta. Last week, world benchmark Brent crude fell 3.5% to $ 68.21 a barrel, more than 7%, due to tightening rules last week to prevent the virus from spreading rapidly in Asia. Expand the flow.

Due to fears of floods and viruses, Chinese exports have fallen sharply. However, the recent crackdown on Beijing technology and education companies is alarming, and the Asian market is booming. The Hong Kong Hang Singh Index is up 0.4 percent, while the land of companies based in Shanghai and Henzen is higher than the CSI 300 index by 1.3 percent.

Following strong reports from the United States on Friday, investors are eagerly awaiting the announcement of monthly inflation. Economists at Bloomberg estimate that consumer prices will increase by 0.5% in July, lower than in June. Inflation is expected to fall from 5.4% in June to 5.3% in June.

Auddin’s Chief Justice Kasper Elmgreen spoke about the financial call made by executives after revealing financial information – numbers.

Strong inflation involves speculating when the Federal Reserve Board will suspend the economy’s most supportive policies in the face of a pandemic. Federal Reserve Board Chairman Jay Paul continues to argue that much of the inflation is a temporary result of the resumption of the global embargo, but strong data shows the US Central Bank’s monthly assets. It could increase the pressure to plan to save $ 120 billion on purchases.

“Which part [of inflation] Is the supply chain unable to withstand the extreme renewal of demand a temporary and natural consequence? .. .. .. I say some of these will stay with us, ”said Elgren.

Gold fell 4.1% on Troy Owens to $ 1,691 on Monday. In the early hours, metal activity was minimal, which could lead to large price fluctuations. Precious metals have reduced losses in London transactions by about 1%.

Government bonds were stabilized last week with stronger employment data than expected in the United States. Benchmark Marks, a 10-year U.S. stock price, traded up 0.07 percent on Friday, down 1.297 percent from 1.28 percent on Monday.

The euro fell 0.1% against the dollar to $ 1.1750, and the pound fell 0.1% to $ 1.3852.

European stocks are shaking as oil spills over Delta’s growing volatility.

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