Estimated $ 6 Billion Natural Gas Fuel Factory in Pennsylvania

Nantikok, Pa.

Officials told an online news conference on Friday that Houston-based Nasero Inc. plans to invest $ 6 billion in the Newport Township Factory, which uses gas from the Marcelus Shale tanker, which produces more gas than other reservoirs in the country.

“We want to make our biggest consumer product gasoline from natural gas and renewable gas,” said Thomas Turin, chairman of the board.

A.D. Established in 2015, Nasero plans to use natural gas from nine US factories to produce gasoline for existing vehicles. The projects will create thousands of construction and other jobs, each of which will eventually employ about 450 people, Turin said.

“Early in next year, we’re going to break down our facility for the first time in Texas. So, this is not a pipe dream, not far away. We’re ready to shovel there.”

Pennsylvania is the second largest producer of natural gas after Texas.

State Senator John Yudichak I-Luzerne, who hosted the news conference, said the project would restore “mineral-damaged lands” with a revolutionary facility that could change the global oil market and halve carbon emissions in the transport sector.

Yudichak acknowledged the need for “multiple land and zoning issues” and the need for regulatory approval and the extension of federal alternative fuel tax credit.

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