ESAT and TWI are partnering to develop oil and gas skills in Timo-Leste, Southeast Asia

Temelina Tami Cassio

ESAT, TWI Southeast Asia to build skills and provide specialist training in Timor-Leste assembling, drawing and covering, health and safety services.

Timor-Leste needs skilled and competent locals to help them in the gas and oil sectors. Our work combines multiple delivery models for long-term student development. ”

– Tami Cassio, Chairman, Philotimo Group

Cindy, NSW, Australia, August 13, 2021 / ESAT and TWI Southeast Asia have teamed up to build and integrate sustainable skills, non-destructive testing, imaging and coverage, and specialized training in health and safety. Local services for East Timorese residents.

We are incredibly pleased to announce our partnership with TWI SEA. Together we have the opportunity to build on the capacity of staff in Timor-Leste. ESAT Chairperson Tami Cassio said that by providing business opportunities for local people to participate in and participate in major oil and gas projects in the country.

The new format includes ESAT’s appointment of an approved TWI Marine Training Representative for the Timor-Leste region, which will enable ESAT to provide in-depth industry training in a number of sectors, including oil and gas. ESAT’s extensive infrastructure and infrastructure training and quality training will enable the well-known TWI SEA course content to be delivered as part of a trusted training system.

“Timor-Leste’s economy is largely dependent on oil and gas. According to the Extraordinary Industries Transparency Initiative (EIT) 2021, the Timor-Leste oil and gas sector is expected to grow by the end of this year. In 2016 and 2017, the country’s revenue was more than 90 percent. It will help to increase the capacity of the local industry for this lucrative domestic industry. Build sustainable skills and expertise, which in turn will support the Timor Leson economy and move the economy towards sustainable energy solutions. ”

Founded by Timor-Leste, an Australian entrepreneur and industry publisher, Temelina Cassio, Tami Cassio, Flotimo Group dominates a number of related businesses, providing leadership, careers and services to a wide range of industries in the training and job placement sectors. . Two of these businesses, IMS and ESAT, work together with the government and industry sectors to play a key role in promoting local content initiatives, skills development and sustainable social, environmental and economic growth.

Since 2012, ESAT has been responding to domestic and foreign inquiries for unparalleled, high-quality, world-class courses and technical and vocational education and training qualifications. The team behind ISAT is committed to helping develop East Timor-Leste in the future by providing world-class skills and work-ready solutions to local East Timorese people.

“Timor-Leste is looking for skilled and competent locals to help them in the gas and oil sectors. “Our partnership with TWI SEA integrates a number of integrated delivery models across the mining industry, including sustainable, long-term student growth, workplace learning, online skills development and face-to-face education.”

TWI SEA offers comprehensive courses on welding testing, non-destructive testing, BGAS-CSWIP coating and coating, surface and underwater testing, health, safety and environment, plant testing and quality control. In addition, the business offers various welding tests, NDT and HSE training courses at the Virtual Academy in the form of LL education and mixed education.

Headquartered in Malaysia, TWI SEA has been providing the best British Technical and Vocational Education (TTV) certification and certification in Malaysia since 1992. Over the years, business has grown exponentially. Certification Center. TWI Technology has won several successful partnerships with the Malaysian government and relevant agencies as well as various CSR programs.

“We are pleased that TWI SEA has appointed a training representative for ESAT. The Timorese-Leste staff need specialized training that we can customize according to their needs. Our unique integrated delivery integration, including face-to-face, online and course-style training programs, is personalized by the ESAT team to provide excellent service to the Timo-Leste community and the government. , Said Ernesto Moskini.

The success of TWI SEA in the region will directly benefit the local community and the Timor Leste economy, and enable us to deliver the best in terms of speech, resources and equipment.

About the Philotimo team

Philotimo Group dominates a number of related businesses by providing leadership, skills and services to a variety of industries. Two of these businesses, IMS and ESAT, work together with the government and industry sectors to play a key role in promoting local content initiatives, skills development and sustainable social, environmental and economic growth. The team plays an important role in connecting and mobilizing staff across various projects and workplaces throughout Timor-Leste and in many other countries.

About Temelina Cassio

Tami has a business background in Australia, Singapore, the Philippines, Timor-Leste and Mozambique, with more than 20 years of experience in national and international business and management and board of directors. She has a successful career in business, focusing on providing education, skills development, job placement and business development solutions to clients.

Based in Timor-Leste, Tami is an active leader in building IMS overseas. In Timor-Leste, the government, in collaboration with local authorities, approved IMS as an authorized contracting partner to provide labor services. As a member of the Jobcentral Global Alliance, Tami has developed a wide range of global training and employment solutions with local products and services. She advocates for the environment and loves to help local entrepreneurs and locals get the support they need to run a business or get the right job.

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