Esar Power will pass the first exhaust purification commissions to reduce surplus emissions by 25%.

Mumbai : Esar Power has been sent the first exhaust purifier at the Essar Hazira (EFL) facility, which lowers sulfur dioxide by 25% in emissions.

“Esar Power believes in running the project with minimal environmental impact. Despite the challenges posed by the epidemic, a clean-up mission has been carried out. When the first one is completed, we will see it replicated in our other resources, ”said Kush, CEO of Isar Power.

Covid-19 and related restrictions were challenges to the project, both in terms of material supply and manpower. However, he said the company has adapted to the situation and that all work on the site has been carried out strictly with security protocols.

“Take precautions, such as socializing, wearing a face mask, working at night, and so on. All foreign manpower was tested using the RTPCR test, and vaccinations were performed to strengthen the herd’s immunity in the facility. With most of the innovation being done on the site, AFL has not only ensured quality but also maintained a consistent speed, ”the company said.

The team involved in the project developed an innovative approach and added that the sewerage is as improved as coal and its emissions measurements.

EPHL is part of Esar Power, one of the first private power generators with the capacity to generate 2,070 MW on four plants in India and Canada. The company also has 465 km of interstate transmission system in three Indian states.

Essar Power (EPOL) is part of the Essar Global Fund Limited (EGFL) energy portfolio managed by Essar Capital. Guided by environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles for all investments, Isar is investing in a sector that is turning green or transforming green businesses.

Epole recently announced plans to invest in renewable energy starting from investment 300 kroner in 90 megawatt PV solar power plant in Madhya Pradesh. The company’s investments show an unconditional commitment to strengthen the sustainability aspects of the portfolio in green hydrogen, renewable and battery storage and to be zero zero on carbon emissions by 2030.

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