Eptech Limited launches EdTech initiative – ProAlley.com

Aptech Limited, a pioneer in the informal vocational training business in the country for more than three decades, has now joined EdTech with its latest brand – ProAlley.com. The brand wants to reach out to new audiences who want to learn and work from the comfort of their home in the growing media and entertainment industry. While the brand’s first offerings focus on emerging media and entertainment, the AVGC component is offered for bulk employment. But it is not limited to this section. Starting with ProAlley.com, Apptech Limited now has all kinds of delivery models in its business toolkit – offline, remote, direct and auto-focused.

Aptek Limited is one of the most popular educational brands in the country: Arena Animation, MAAAC, Lakme Academy, Lapt, Aptech International Preschool, Aptech Academy, and Aptech Education. ProAlley.com is also the company’s new brand to offer real and professional creative courses online. ProAlley.com extends Aptech’s mission to work education and workforce with a focus on skills and improvements for new age users.

Launched on September 16th, 2021, ProAlley.com is a hi-tech free and user-friendly tech-friendly interface for new-age users. ProAlley Advantage includes self-directed instruction in an easy-to-follow instructional course. The curriculum provided by the brand is designed by industry professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the media, entertainment and AVGC (animation, VFX, game and computer graphics) departments. The brand offers two options to choose from Proro and Pro -Plus. Both plans offer certification courses. Proplus has additional benefits, including expert guidance, placement assistance *, personalized one-on-one counseling communication programs, and the creation and development of real-time and evaluated homework.

EdTech has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world, taking immediate steps to create better and more efficient learning systems. While epidemics are a blessing in disguise for this business, there is a call to make the Internet work from home, study-at-home, even for that matter. According to RBSA Consultant, India’s EDT will be a $ 30 billion industry by supporting growing demand and strengthening business models over the next 10 years. The report estimates the current industry size of $ 700-800 million. Growth is driven by K12, higher education, test preparation and skill categories.

Dr. Anil Pant, Managing Director and General Manager of Apttech Limited, said: This is a dream project to become a model for Aptech Limited bricks and mortar. Our Ed-Tech initiative is for self-directed students, freelancers, influencers, content creators – anyone who really wants to pursue a career in the media, entertainment or AVGC class. I have said before that the AVGC industry is at a stable level. About 20 years ago, the IT sector took off. This is a good time for students who make major career decisions not only to get their first job but also to work on skills that will make them more employed. The brand’s first offerings focus on the growing media and entertainment and AVGC segment, but are not limited to this segment. We plan to include courses in other areas that oppose mass work. Connections such as beauty and security, retail and hospitality are among others. We plan to offer this to markets outside India.

He added, “ProAlley.com aims to provide users with skills that are competitively priced and that will help them earn a job through freelance work or gigs. Jobs in the media and entertainment industries are vast, almost as much as the 3X tune we can understand right now. We are thrilled to be able to contribute to the industry with such a boom.

Aptek Limited already has two very successful brands in the AVGC category, Arena Animation and Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics. (Ma’ak). ProAlley.com is an independent product from Aptech, backed by strong online credentials.

Shares of Aptech Tech Limits were traded in BSA last year. 295.4 Compared to the previous Rs closure. 284. The number of shares traded per day was 22965 in more than 862 trades.

Stock Inside Day High Rs. 296.25 and intraday minimum 284. Net trading per day was rubles. 6710274

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