Epidemic Impact and Amendment Laws Represented at the Nuclear Safety and Security Conference

Improving Nuclear Safety and Security Regulations and the Impact of the COVID-19 Outbreak on Global and Regional Network Activities This year’s focus was on the Global Nuclear Safety and Security Network (GNSSN) Plenary. This meeting is an important annual meeting of experts in the field of nuclear safety and security, usually held during the IAEA General Assembly.

A.D. Launched in 2006, GNSSN supports the IAEA’s Nuclear Safety and Security Program by promoting international cooperation and dialogue between nuclear, security and safety networks around the world, regional and national technical networks.

“Since last year, our activities have been under CV-19. Despite the challenges, our enthusiasm has not been affected, ”said Alfredo de los Reyes Catelo, head of international relations at the Spanish Nuclear Security Council (CSN) and chairman of the GNSS. He has updated the committee’s work since August 2020 and outlined the interim agenda for the remainder of his term.

De Lois Race Catelo stressed the need to improve the GNSSN’s IT platform, and called on all GNSSN members to participate and support the network. The committee said the GNSSN aims to highlight and enhance the importance of nuclear safety and security information as an important global resource.

The steering committee is the main external advisor to GNSSN and provides independent advice and evaluations to ensure the effectiveness of the GNSSN program and to promote its activities.

In his comments, Shahid Malik, Acting Director of the Office of Safety and Security Coordination, said: “Through your actions and support, the international community can come together to share best practices, share information and information, and identify challenges and common solutions. Participation through GNSSN is critical to ensuring the long-term sustainability of these networks and to help keep their content and focus relevant to current security and safety challenges.

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