Environmental Safety Center enters Reiki services

The Burns Integrated Health Center, based in North Phoenix, is expanding its Reiki services to those seeking alternative therapies.

The Bureau of Natural Medicine, located at 34406 N. 27th Drive Section 114, works in the fields of medicine, beauty and therapeutic services using herbal, general and homeopathic medicines. He recently announced the addition of new 18-year-old Reiki expert Marshall Gage.

Gaj, a high school expert, said he looks forward to raising awareness of alternative practice – which focuses on healing a person’s energy and spiritual side and has been used in Japan for more than 100 years – as he travels to help new patients in their healing time.

Gage said of the new opportunity: “I did not really know how I felt, I knew I was very happy. “And I’m still looking forward to it.”

Ricky is an ancient medical art designed to “increase the body’s ability to regenerate and improve its health,” says The Life Enrichment Center. It works to reduce stress and anxiety through energy therapy that promotes well-being and stability. The Burns Integrated Health Center emphasizes that everyone has an internal flow of energy that determines their overall health. If it is low, the body will be more susceptible to “disease and illness”, it continues. Ricky wants to promote that “life force” of “good health and happiness”.

The word itself is derived from the two Japanese words Ray, which means “high energy” and ki, “life force energy,” adds the Burns Integrated Wellness Center.

Reiki session with Gage lasts 15 to 30 minutes, says 18-year-old.

“I would start by asking him to give them a reiki for anxiety, depression, pain or whatever they want,” Gage said. “I understand what they want done to them, and then I go head-to-head and find the problem areas – that’s where I start doing the work and I try to help them.”

“Patients can choose to sleep at a table or in a chair during their session,” Gage continued. The therapist then places his or her hands on the patient’s body or above a few places, such as the head, legs, or abdomen, to facilitate the person’s healing response.

Calm music plays in the background to relax and promote relaxation, the center’s website reports.

Gaj: “I’ve been told that some people feel that they have a lot of emotions, or that they just can’t seem to get enough of it. “And after a few days I had people who didn’t feel anything.”

Emotionally and mentally, Reiki works to promote self-awareness, highlight relaxation, and reduce stress. “The spiritual level is used by Reiki to enhance its spiritual connection with light, to balance various bodily forces such as chakra, and to help increase the state of meditation.”

Gage says he believes Ricky will eventually become a part of Western culture.

“I can definitely see it becoming more common,” he said. “Recently, a lot of people are worried and anxious about the virus.”

He added: “We have psychiatrists for the brain, physicians – but we don’t have that much money for energy therapy.

Gage says he always wanted energy when he was young, and he received the Reiki Certificate from the Tempe Life Enrichment Center. Located at 2405 E. Southern Avenue, the company offers a variety of healing techniques, including Ricky, Fast Eye Technology, Hypnosis, Psychological-Kinsiology and Structural Genetics Reading, as well as Certification.

A Burns Center employee said he was working as a mechanic when he finally decided to jump in faith and follow Reiki.

Gaj: “I realized that I could do a lot of hard work in my teens – before anyone said anything. “I was doing things for myself and then I found out about Ricky and I just followed up.”

In his introductory training, Gage was told about Ricky’s story, how Reiki works, and how to use the first three Reiki symbols, according to the Life Enrichment Center website. He also learned how to perform remote relay.

The 18-year-old is currently working on a Reiki Master Level III and IV certification. Upon completion, Gage will receive the Usui Master Reiki correction and learn the Usui Master Reiki symbols.

“I look forward to helping people,” says Gage. “I had never felt so close before. With this, I can help many people and I am very happy.

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