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As analysts continue to record U.S. natural gas exports this week, local groups have made renewed efforts to stop the construction of new liquid natural gas export facilities by pointing fingers at “fruitful” sources as they support the health of nearby residents.

Export of liquid natural gas S.Captured with fuel tanks, it beats exporters through pipelines – until recently – to export natural gas to the United States – 600 million cubic feet per day in 2021, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration on August 16.

One of the most important news items on Monday was a series of projects, such as the one that several environmental groups told the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Commonwealth LNG Export Terminal La la, near Cameroon, can have a profound effect on local communities. The terminal emits natural gas from nearby wells, where it is loaded onto tanker ships, mainly for power stations in Asia and Europe.

“The petrochemical industry offers big, but empty promises to the poor, to the fence communities,” he said. Port Arthur Community Action Network, Where it is released. “Promising unfulfilled jobs, business opportunities and community improvements. In the meantime, we breathe polluted, polluted air, drink contaminated water, and live on contaminated land. We have sacrificed as a reward for poverty, air pollution and poor health. ”

The Beam team spoke to the EPA Environmental Justice Advisory Council on Wednesday, August 18, along with the Sierra Club and many others. The LNG proposed to expand the tanks.

Natural gas must first be liquided before it can be exported by tanker ships. (Photo by US Government Accountability Office)

On Tuesday, the company responded to the commission by arguing that the small amount of the amendment – a 20 percent increase in tax rates – had not significantly changed the project that had previously been on the government’s environmental assessment.

Opponents of the project wrote in a letter to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on August 18:

In contrast, the Commonwealth has previously stated that the project will provide many local, regional and national benefits, including temporary and permanent jobs, economic activity, and sustainable natural gas supply to the world market. , And increased the use of low carbon high fuel sources.

According to the US Energy Information Administration, the new Commonwealth LNG project, as well as pipeline capacity, are helping to push U.S. natural gas exports to a higher level, and more are coming.

Liquid natural gas exports will begin in 2016, marking the first time this year that natural gas exports will increase, signaling an increase in the rate at which oil is being replaced by coal as countries around the world seek to achieve aggressive climate goals.

(Source: Energy Information Management)

Despite the sharp decline in the summer of 2020, liquid natural gas exports began in November and December. July 27 Report Has shown. A.D. The trend continues to rise in the first half of 2021, with exports an average of 42 percent over the same period in 2020, setting another record for production.

“U.S. natural gas exports have grown exponentially over the past decade, and In 2017, natural gas exports for the first time since exports began in 1957. Exports of natural gas have slowed, but By 2020, it had increased by 13 percent.

The administration found a controversial drilling rig, commonly known as a “frank,” in the United States, to increase natural gas production.

As Frank helped boost U.S. natural gas production, many companies began building gas-fired and export-liquid natural gas export facilities, replacing conventional coal-fired power plants with electricity.

The first liquid natural gas export facility in the lower 48 states was established at the Sabin Pass terminal in Cameron Parish, La. There is energy information management. Since then, the newly opened export terminals at Elba Island, Ga Freeportport and Corpus Christi, Texas and Cove Point, MDA have continued to drive exports.

(Source: Energy Information Management)

The size of these facilities has alarmed some environmental groups, such as the Sierra Club, who oppose the widespread use of fossil fuels in their greenhouse gases. But Sierra Club It pollutes drinking water, requires unauthorized drainage of groundwater and groundwater, and urges the use of “crumbs” to extract natural gas, which negatively affects air quality.

“We are in a crisis that requires the EPA to build and protect people to build dozens of new distributed gas export facilities along the Gulf,” he said. Leslie Fields, Sera Club National Legal Director August 18

However, proponents of natural gas have described the service as a transitional fuel that will now help coal-dependent countries achieve their carbon dioxide emissions goals, said Spencer Dele, chief economist at BPP. Atlantic Council Global Energy Center On July 12, a British oil company announced that demand for natural gas would increase alongside the development of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar.

Natural gas emits less greenhouse gases than coal and is more reliable than renewable sources, Dell said, adding that many countries in Asia are relying on liquid natural gas importers. In fact, there are bright prospects for renewable energy, but natural gas is still needed.

“Renewable energy is still not enough to meet the demand for renewable energy,” Dale said. Much growth must be achieved through liquid natural gas.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

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