Enroll more than 1,000 VCU students due to immunization status

Richmond, V. – The first day of the fall semester classrooms saw the number of students drop off enrollment at the university by a reduction of more than 200 students.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported Monday that about 1,500 students will not be allowed to change programs or enroll in classes if they do not show documentation that they have received the COVID-19 vaccine. As classes began on Tuesday, a VCU official confirmed to CBS 6 that the number had dropped to 1,271.

If a student continues to provide immunization certificates, the official will make these assumptions.

“Students who are already enrolled in classes will not be able to adjust their schedules until the enrollment requirements are met. Students who are not yet enrolled will not be able to enroll. Enrolled students will not be able to enroll for the Spring 2022 semester. When a student submits the immunization record or requests medical or religious exemption, the registration will be revoked.

As of Sunday, more than 90 percent of the 29,000 students enrolled in the fall had already been vaccinated, and 4 percent had been granted medical or religious freedom. More than 86 percent of VCU staff have been vaccinated.

VCU has returned a universal indoor mask for the fall semester and other CV-19 guidelines, which can be found here.

On the first day of the Monroe Park campus, the college’s first day was marked by cultural power and noise, and many students were grateful to return to school after taking the best courses of the year online due to the epidemic.

“When I saw a concert and all that was going on, I said, ‘My God! I am so happy to be in the yard. Aridna Perez, a VC high school student, feels like a new person again.

“I am ready to be here. I’m tired of sitting at the computer all day and sitting at home, sleeping in the classroom. It’s worth it, ”said new student Kionti Hill.

In the highly contagious delta delta, which represents the main strain of COVID-19 in Virginia, many students felt that 90 percent of their vaccination semester was “comforting” the semester, although health officials said there were unusual findings.

“I’m a little worried because I don’t want to be shut down because I like to be on campus, but I’m not worried about that,” said student Jan Ul Ley.

“People on social media were ‘uh’. Most people do not try to get the vaccine. But for me, I will go ahead and find him. It’s basically like a flu pandemic for me, ”said Vincent Aerohara.

Perez and Hill met through a friend, and Faris Hill was helping him lead a new city and college life. Teachers said last year they were worried about the learning gap with virtual learning, and that both would serve as a spark to be on campus.

I want the school not only to be fun but also to do things. Most of the time, in everything online, I do the least I can, ”Hill said.

“I want to be very happy to learn again,” added Perez.

VCU students who still need to be vaccinated can do so through the University Student Health Service or local immunization sites. You can find more information about access to the vaccine here.


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