Energy Risk Awards 2021 Winners –

The last 18 months have been one of the most frightening and challenging times in their careers and can be remembered by many energy managers. In the first half of 2020, the priority of companies was to prioritize between VV-19 volatility and demand shocks, as well as a short-term understanding of how immediate prices are moving. However, even before national locks eased, earthquakes were taking place in response to global warming. As the power transition accelerates to the top of the company’s agenda, energy demand has increased for longer-term analysis and risk assessment than energy risk managers.

Dealing with unprecedented, world-class issues requires very short and very long-tried and tested disaster management techniques, but also clear, creative thinking and new approaches.

This year’s winners Power hazard Rewards show excellence in managing the complexity of all merchandise. They are pushing boundaries and shaping energy and commodity markets. This is more important than ever as the industry responds to energy transfer.

The articles below on each of the winning organizations are filled with creative examples, many of our winners achieving something that has never been done before. For example, the invention of our award of the year was awarded to Berga Partners and Tesco Treasury for the first series of commercial energy procurement agreements. UK. This year’s Newcomer Award winner, Tramontana Property Management, has created a pioneering investment vehicle that will bring new capital markets and provide an efficient way for corporations to further reduce their carbon footprint. Another of our winners, Macquarie Bank, facilitated what it believed was the world’s first carbon-neutral oil shipment. Like all ground-breaking projects, these initiatives have no plans that they cannot follow, making them extremely challenging to bring them to fruition.

The 2021 Awards received more entries in the four climate-related categories: Climate Disaster Manager, Climate Consulting Company, House of the Year and Environmental Products – more than ever. These categories include NG, Climate Services, Element Markets and BNP Paribas, in order. However, even outside of these categories, most entries have a strong emphasis on environmental, climate risk, and sustainability.

BNP The victory of Paribas Base Metal House of the Year, for example, focused on the use of metals to achieve the energy transition, and the Society General included a number of negotiations to help the Winners of the Energy and Commodity Finance Fund enter the year. To bring about the transition of power. Technology companies are also playing a role in the industry’s transition to the low-carbon sector. For example, this year’s technology company, the winner of this year’s Kubelogik, has added carbon and transition risk to the conventional credit risk collection.

“The traditional way of assessing corporate debt or market risk is changing,” said Lee Campbell, co-founder and CEO of Quebec. “It is no longer enough just to look at the balance sheets and the management structure, you also need to look at things like organizational behavior and so on. E.S.G. (Environmental, Social and Management) Strategy.

Exploring climate change and these new environmental markets are not easy. All of our winners demonstrate their integrity, patience, and confidence in the organization’s ethics and abilities. We believe they are helping the energy industry take the first step on a critical and transformative journey.

See the winners below:

Climate Disaster Manager of the Year

Newcomer of the year
Tramontana Property Management

Climate Disaster Advisory of the Year
Climate Service

House of Steel of the Year
BNP Paribas

House of the Year release
Item Markets

Creativity of the Year
Baringa and Tesco Treasury

Home Products Home of the Year
BNP Paribas

Energy Technology Company of the Year

Technology Consultant of the Year
KWA Analyzes

Tree of the Year
Aegis Hedging Solutions

Data Management House of the Year
Z. Power Group

House of Data and Analysis of the Year
Mobius Danger Group

Product of the Year Research House

Product Exchange of the Year
Node exchange

Commodity of the Year

OTC Marketing Forum of the Year
BNP Paribas cortex CD

CTM Software House of the Year

Commodity Finance House of the Year
Society General

House of Oil and Products of the Year
Advisory team

Precious Minerals of the Year
Credit Suisse

Enterprise Risk Manager of the Year
Soccer Turkey

Agreement of the year
Sempara LNG

Weather House of the Year

House of Products of the Year
Consulting Bank

Electric House of the Year

Natural gas /LNG House of the Year


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