Energy regulators operate Sh1.5b facilities in Arusha

[Courtesy: iStockphoto]

A regional center to build sustainable capacity in the energy sector will be built in Arusha, Tanzania at 1.5 billion.

Geoffrey Mabea, executive director of the East African Energy Regulatory Authority (IRA), said plans are underway to launch the project.

Mabea said the implementation of the project will increase trade between the regions, increase the growth of value chains and develop regional infrastructure projects.

It also helps to share experiences and best practices. “The project will help us adapt to regional policy and develop the skills, knowledge and skills necessary to integrate into the project,” Mabea said.

Other users include government agencies in the oil and gas sector.

As a result of adjusting tariffs, the private sector will indirectly benefit from the improved business environment.

He said the project will contribute to continental integration by gaining significant knowledge in cross-border projects and the region’s resource development, expanding ties beyond the East African community and implementing the Eastern Pool System.

He said the construction of the facility will start within a year due to the increase in interest from development partners.

“This will strengthen the East African Energy Union. It is imperative for the region and Africa to work with development partners who are willing to launch short-term and long-term sustainable capacity building strategies, ā€¯Mabea said.

He said the office is working with stakeholders such as the African Development Bank to provide online education in the energy sector to stakeholders.

According to Mabea, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya are among the top five countries in Africa.

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