Energy Museum Ponferrada New Session Technology and Science Center Education

Technology and science are the focus of the new session’s energy museum curriculum.
| 02/09/2021 – 15: 42h.

Director of the Panferrada Energy Museum, Yasodara Lopez, today unveiled the new curriculum for the 2021/2022 academic year in which science and technology will play a leading role. In addition to industrial heritage, all of these programs will focus on three axes for children’s bodies and centers: Primary, Secondary, Secondary Education and Vocational Training (FP).

Accompanied by Martha Ferrero and Beatrice Talarid, Lopez unveiled an educational presentation that seeks to bring together science and technology content through a variety of proposals and variables, under the general heading “Enter, Discover, Explore, Explore, Learn.” For example, the Micro Mundo @ ULE Workshop is highlighted, developed in collaboration with the University of Lyon (ULE), and participants in the undergraduate and training courses visit the “Innovators and Innovators” to learn about bacterial diversity or elementary students. Through the machines, various creators are in the center.

Accordingly, the program provides an opportunity to combine different activities so that each group can develop their own training experience. All the educational resources used by the Museum’s Science and Education District have been developed and their goal is to use the museum, the old power plant, as a platform to disseminate simple scientific concepts.

Although the program is designed to be held in the museum’s facilities, the directors will be given another year to travel to various training centers and conduct workshops. The program is remotely completed.

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