Energy majors, including Chevron and ExxonMobil, collaborate to promote natural gas in Asia – News for energy sector

Energy agencies, including Chevron, ExxonMobil, JERA, JGC, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Santos and SK E&S, are working together to promote natural gas and achieve low carbon emissions. Together, they have formed an advocacy group called the Asian Natural Gas and Energy Association (ANGEA) in collaboration with policy makers to find solutions to reduce carbon emissions.

“The Asian Natural Gas and Energy Association (NGAA) advises governments as they develop energy policies and solutions to meet their national needs, to achieve the global climate goals set out in the Paris Agreement, and to support investment. Social and economic changes necessary for a stable, consistent and equitable transition, ”the association announced today.

Founded by members Chevron (NYSE: CVX), ExxonMobil (NYSE: XOM), JERA, JGC, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (NYSE: MHVYF), Santos (ASX: STO) and SK E&S, recently with other major international and regional companies . Announcing their participation, ANGEA members said they will use their skills from the life cycle of the industry to energy development and production to transportation, distribution and storage.

The founding members of ANGEA represent Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) and other energy producers, energy buyers, suppliers, and companies operating in the Asia-Pacific region.

He said ANGEA, as a central advocate, will work together to ensure the long-term future of natural gas and other low-carbon sources in the region’s energy integration.

The ANJ is overseen by a board of founding members consisting of senior representatives. The members of the Foundation are appointed by an internationally independent and regional, respected, professional, advisory council of well-known individuals who provide extensive knowledge to the Board and its executive, except internationally.

ANGEA Chairman and President Eurasia Pacific Exploration and Production in Chevron, Nigel Herne, said:

He said the energy industry will play a key role in the development of low-carbon policies and solutions while supporting such fundamental changes.

“Asia-Pacific will have 60% of global economic growth by 2030. This requires countries to meet high energy needs, while at the same time switching to renewable and low-carbon energy sources.

ANJA recognizes that natural gas is a complement to new energy solutions that accelerate and accelerate energy transfer in the region. As countries move toward new and renewable energy sources, ANGEA will explore how the Coalition of Energy Resources supports national policy goals.

Effective policies, investments, and regulations will be needed when transforming the economy to reflect new energy, economic and environmental challenges, not only to efficiently integrate these multiple energy sources.

“The ANGA was established at a crucial time for policy decisions, and throughout the Asia-Pacific region, private sector governments can contribute significantly to the public interest by helping them achieve critical power and environmental goals,” the group said.

NGA marks the official launch of the 10th annual LNG Consumer Conference in Japan on October 5, 2021.

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