Energy Freedom attracts Bitcoin miners to some US states

  • Bitcoin miners are looking for the cheapest energy sources to increase their profit margins.
  • Uncontrolled power grid states such as Texas and Wyoming allow customers to select energy suppliers, attract miners, and promote innovation.
  • In contrast, heavily regulated states, such as California and Connecticut, are pushing for mining and innovation by raising man-made energy prices.
  • In the coming decades, Bitcoin will be the most viable states for innovation and technology development.

Bitcoin mining companies have flocked to the United States amid a flurry of hashtags away from China due to skill and large-scale investment in equipment. In an energy-dependent industry, mining companies deliberately choose their place to ensure maximum margins. Some states allow customers to choose their power supplies, which allows for lower costs and improved solutions. Other regions, however, create jobs and push businesses that want to create jobs and integrate into a community.


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