Energy Expert: Why Renewable Energy Engineering Should Be A Course In Nigerian Universities

Renewable energy specialist David Arinze said renewable energy engineering should be an independent subject in Nigerian universities.

Solar energy – renewable energy sources – is one of the most cost-effective and sustainable ways to generate clean energy with zero carbon emissions.

Arinze said the renewable energy sector could bring significant development, mitigate climate change and create jobs.

He added that renewable energy engineering in universities should not be included in mechanical or electrical courses.

“Renewable energy is the future debt of Nigeria’s energy needs,” Arien told TheCable.

He emphasized that renewable energy is one way for Nigeria to meet its climate and electrification goals.

“I have never seen the first university in Nigeria with a bachelor’s degree in renewable energy engineering in Nigeria. We have a few who do it at the master level, but if we feel that the sector has such an important level, we should also start spending more on capacity building.

“Why is renewable energy included in courses such as mechanical or electrical engineering and why is it not a branch of research that focuses on electrical or mechanical engineering? It takes five years for Nigerian universities to get a degree in such a course

“All of that is going to have an impact on the sector, only professionals who will take over the sector. Every sector you see today is doing well, because from year to year there have been experts who have approved the sector and shed the time of childbirth, sweating and allowing me to use the word blood to grow the word and see the light. day. ”

“Renewable energy is our only hope,” he added.

He called on stakeholders and the government to work together and make the sector a success.

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