Energy crisis claims to be the biggest hit in UK

Energy crisis, rising wholesale and natural gas prices

A.D. The light bulb, launched in 2015, is the latest in a long line of 20 energy suppliers in the UK to be forced out of the retail market due to the high wholesale price of natural gas and electricity.

Gas and electricity prices have risen sharply in recent months in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe.

Since the power crisis began in September, more than a dozen energy and gas suppliers in the UK have left the retail energy market and could do more. Last month, Scotland Power CEO Keith Anderson, one of the largest suppliers, said that unless the government assesses energy prices, the other 20 energy suppliers in the UK could be considered “catastrophic” in the coming months.

“The growing energy crisis in the UK and around the world is a huge concern for investors and uncertain investors,” Bulb said in a statement on Monday. Pricing – designed to protect customers – means suppliers now have to deal with huge losses.

“Wholesale prices have dropped dramatically already. Shortages of gas supply, coupled with low demand and demand for exports from Russia, remain high and unpredictable, ”the company said.

Bulb businesses in France, Spain, and Texas are different from Bulb UK, so they will continue to do business as soon as they enter the UK.

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