Energy Company plans to redevelop the Moore County wind farm

Mover County, Min. (KTTC) – The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission has approved Xcel Energy’s proposal to revitalize the 100.5 MW Grand Plain wind farm.

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission said in a statement that the investment will ensure Cessel’s customers have a secure future of carbon-free resources.

The project was part of Xcel Energy projects at the request of the Commission for utility investments that would help the state’s economic recovery while providing utility system benefits.

These investments will save Xcel rate payers across the region more than $ 200 million due to reduced fuel purchases and more efficient wind farms.

With each of these renewable energy projects approved by the Commission, it will provide a more stable future power in Minnesota and help us move to lower carbon-generation ships. In addition to positive environmental effects, these renewable energy projects will save consumers their electricity bills, ”said Commissioner Valerie.

The project is expected to bring in up to 150 jobs during construction, and six full-time jobs will continue after construction.

The project is estimated at $ 475,000 of annual tax revenue for Moore County and an estimated $ 12 million on project life.

Continued investments in Minnesota’s renewable infrastructure will help these vital assets contribute to the long-term economic growth of rural Minnesota, said Commissioner John Tuma. Leasing payments from these projects will also help our farmers cope with economic fluctuations this year.

The project will replace existing turbines with newer, more efficient components, which will increase energy production, improve reliability, and extend the project’s service life.

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