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‘It doesn’t matter’ when the infrastructure bill is approved, says Biden

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Today we are witnessing the latest infrastructure negotiations, the former environmental advocate and the Middle East EV Network initiative.

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Biden walked out of a group meeting saying ‘nothing’ when the bill was approved

In a statement to reporters on Friday, President Biden said he was not in a hurry to move on to the economic agenda after meeting with the House Democratic Caucasus amid tensions over the Senate Draft Infrastructure Bill and the Great Reconciliation Agreement.

“We will do this,” he said as he left the group.

He added: “It never changes. Six minutes, six days or six weeks does not matter. We will finish it. ”

Biden spoke to Congress Democrats for about 30 minutes. It was the first time he had traveled to Capitol Hill since July to meet with Senate Democrats to push the agenda.

Maekelawi and Progressives are focusing on Friday to immediately approve the bilateral infrastructure bill or to come together from the two key holdings in the Senate until they confirm their commitment to the social spending package.

His meeting follows a game delay. Domestic Democrats voted late Thursday on a second round of infrastructure legislation as social media for more flexible and broader social media programs.

After long days of talks between speaker Nancy Pelosi (de California) and the militant Central and Progressive groups, as well as White House staffers, Democrats chose to delay Thursday’s vote instead of allowing an embarrassing crowd. Failure on the floor.

Advertisement from the House Whip Steney Hoyer“It’s closer to the agreement than ever before,” said Stephen Hamilton Hoyer of House Housing Infrastructure.The office, which arrived just before 11pm on Thursday, confirmed that there would be no more votes overnight.

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Former environmental lawyer Steven Donziger has been sentenced to six months in prison

A federal judge on Friday sentenced former environmentalist Steven Donziger to six months in prison after finding him guilty of contempt of court.

Donzigger In the 1990s, he sued Texacon on behalf of Ecuadorian farmers and indigenous representatives. In 2011, he received a $ 8.5 billion conviction. Chevron, who found the company that same year, accused the opposition and Donziger of bribery and evidence.

A federal judge favored Chevron, overturned the award, and humiliated Donziger. Donziger, who has been under house arrest for two years, will be released in 2018.

Judge Louis Kaplan refused to take the federal prosecutor’s office with the South New York District and took the unusual step of appointing private attorneys in the case. One of the former attorneys has been working for Chevron.

The verdict comes the day after a UN arbitrary detention group condemned Donziger’s house arrest and demanded his immediate release, citing a longer prison sentence than previously reported.

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Message from API

These relationships will also help us plan for the future, ”said Andreas Schmel, of Ford Motor Company. That future includes low CO2 emissions in collaboration with CO natural gas and oil companies.

Five Middle Eastern states to collaborate on an electric vehicle charging network

The five Central West states have announced that they will work together to increase the deployment of electric charging stations.

The memorandum of understanding, signed by the governors of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, states that the state will form the Midwest Coalition, or REV Midwest.

In a statement, state leaders said the agreement aims to make the region “competitive” for federal financial opportunities, with the ultimate goal of increasing jobs, reducing emissions and improving public health.

Reminder: The bilateral infrastructure account includes $ 7.5 billion for electric vehicle payments.

“Today’s REV Midwest partnership is a bilateral effort to build future mobility and electrification and connect our communities,” said Michigan Gov. Grace WhitmerGretchen Whitmer Qualifications – Posted by the American Petroleum Institute – Watching the Earth’s “Final Change Record” Whitmer traces GOP challenge in Michigan Governorship race by 6 points – Voice Michigan is growing electronically to power HIV (D), in the statement.

He said the governors’ first goal was to focus on “central and state significant trade corridors.”

And it’s two sides – Indiana is the only state in the group with the GOP governor.

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Message from API

These relationships will also help us plan for the future, ”said Andreas Schmel, of Ford Motor Company. That future includes low CO2 emissions in collaboration with CO natural gas and oil companies.


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