Energy Academic Team NE3T Workshop Don tackles energy problems with education

At the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), the Energy Academic Team (EAG) hosted experts from various sectors to explore the opportunities to use the course during the NE3T workshop. .

EAG is a multidisciplinary multidisciplinary team that provides energy-focused postgraduate education, research, and access. According to Dr. Daniel Nussub, NPS Professor and Chairman of EAG, the workshop was aimed at finding ways to incorporate operational curriculum into the Navy’s undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

“This is a multi-year project,” he said. Finally, we want to create new courses and perhaps build on some of the power-related topics for existing programs.

Daniel Temple, a research partner with EAG, organized the workshop.

“The purpose of the workshop was to determine the objectives of the Navy and Navy officers in learning the skills they need to know at certain points in their careers,” Temple said.

Operating power is simply described as “the power required to complete the mission, electricity or gas.”

Although NPS has many people who are considered subject matter in all respects, the temple went up and down to benefit more from the workshop.

“We don’t just want to hear from our own people,” he said. “We want to hear from experts in training and education, community research and procurement specialists. We wanted them to represent many aspects of the workshop.

He said the temple workshop was a great success and that many ideas were raised during the four-day event.

The temple said, “Tons of thoughts that we did not think were raised.” We now have some good examples and plans that we can offer to senior management in Don so that everyone can fully control it.

Nussbu also gave an “A +” to the workshop and admitted that he was a high school student. Multidisciplinary diplomatic problems require concerted solutions, and Nussam has made NPS an ideal venue for this event.

“[NPS] It has brilliant scholars, just like other universities, ”he said. But NPS scholars are only focused on Don and DOD applications. I don’t think you can get a civil university to solve these problems. You are worried about finding another school to do research, and developing NPS-capable learning materials.

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