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University Park, PA. – David Donohu ​​believes that after graduating from Penn State School to work for the Oil and Gas Corporation, he found a way to improve his production process when he was young. His suggestion came out of the chain of command, but it was held on red tape, it never failed.

The experience evoked a feeling in Donohu ​​- and to do it his way. Following his ambitions, he eventually started two successful companies, becoming a well-known technician, businessman, lawyer and teacher.

Donohu ​​was founded 50 years ago and still serves as president.

More than 15,000 energy industry managers and executives around the world have taken several IHRDC courses over the decades. Donohu ​​did not stop construction at that time. The company has started with a few courses and upgraded to books, tutorials, proficiency management systems, interactive learning simulations, and more than a thousand Internet courses daily for hundreds of students.

“I am inspired to create new and better ways for adults in our industry,” Donohu ​​said. As new technology evolved, we used it to create new products and services to enhance our learning experience.

Donohu ​​is one of eight Pen State graduates selected to receive the 2021 Aluminum Award – the University’s highest honor to its graduates.

In addition to earning his doctorate in addition to the College of Earth and Mining Sciences, Dr. Dowhu, a former Penn State professor, said: I have always had a great love for Penn State, and my time was a great foundation for me.

‘In My Bones’

Growing up in Canada, Donohu ​​has deep roots in the oil and gas industry and in Pennsylvania. He spent the winter on his family’s oil rental near Bradford and Oil City.

“My grandfather had two oil leases with about 80 wells in the Bradford field, and his father, my great-grandfather, used to have wells near Oil City,” said Dow. They were independent traders – I think free spirit is in my bones.

After studying engineering at McGill University, Donohu ​​received a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering from Oklahoma University and a Doctorate in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering in Penn State. A.D. Prior to returning to Penn State in 1964, he worked for several energy companies in operations, research and engineering.

“I always want to find better ways to teach and educate people,” Donohu ​​said. “Penn State has given me a solid foundation in technology; Opportunity to develop my teaching skills: Curiosity to explore, write and develop learning content, to present it in a simple way; And the satisfaction of seeing someone’s eyes light up when the new world unfolds. ”

A.D. He went to law school in 1968 and in 1971 received a law degree in corporate law from Boston College Law School. While in law school, he founded the IHRDC and soon joined the bar, and started the Arlington Storage Company. , The first independent developer of underground gas storage facilities in the United States.

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As a graduate student and later a member of the Penn State Teachers, Donhu has continued to give to the university over the years.

Donohu, with his son Timothy, In 2015, John and Willie Lyon donated $ 1 million on behalf of their families to become professors in the Department of Energy and Mining Engineering. Timothy Donohu, Vice President of IHRDC Education and Knowledge Solutions. Group, In 1993, he received a master’s degree in geology from Penn State.

David Donohu ​​and his wife, Pamela, established a David and Pamela Donhu Trust Scholarship Scholarship at the College of Land and Mining Sciences to provide financial support to undergraduate students who have previously expressed financial needs to meet college expenses.

“I have always been close to Penn State, serving on various committees and various advisory boards,” he said. After that I met many graduate students I knew or taught in various settings and there was always great pride between them and in Penn State. His reputation for the university and the college is strong and widespread. ”

Donohu ​​will receive the graduation ceremony at the University Park Campus in October.

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