Electricity / Hybrid – British Police in the heart of pure energy journalism

The new Ford Match-E already caters to thousands of customers and fans, and the concept is fully immersed in the “Blue Light” life at the Emergency Services Exhibition, NEC, Birmingham (September 7-8). ).

The test car was developed following a number of inquiries from the British police, who are looking for green solutions to existing products.

The Metropolitan Police Force has reviewed the already standard Mustang Mach-E and asked for a full review of the now-marked concept. Sussex, Suri, South Wales, Defensive Powers, Daven and Cornell and Scottish Police are awaiting the opportunity to test the new 999 vehicle.

The starting point is the Mustang Mach-E Standard Range AWD (all-wheel drive). Following this model test, Ford plans to offer an extended range version of the RWD (rear wheel drive) and AWD versions. Extended battery types give the police a wider range, so they provide versatility and capability for police work.

The new Mac-E has a capacity of 3.7 seconds (GT version) and 0-62MP in 111 miles. This means that any police vehicle will be a useful tool in crime, and all electric Mach-E will provide the military with one of the most economical and environmentally friendly vehicles on its fleet.

The Mustang Mach-E already holds the Guinness World Record for the lowest power consumption in an electric car. There is a 379 mile distance between charges.

“The blue light is being taken from the drive, not the 12V battery,” said Terry Adams, direct sales manager for Britain and Ireland’s Ford Blue Light. We look to increase this battery capacity to allow more devices to be installed in future developments.

The original Mac-E conversion was made by Ford’s long-time partner to the Blue Light Industry, Sessed SSP, a specialist developer in Essex.

Some of the equipment fitted to the concept car include slightly damaged joints and brackets to ensure that suitable places are available for service use. To reduce the current picture from the vehicle’s 12 V power system, all lights are LEDs with very low power consumption.

Meanwhile, the 999 Lifestyle is a first-of-its-kind design that uses high detail materials to meet day and night visibility requirements.

Ford and Security SVP are launching an additional concept project at the Emergency Services Exhibition: Changing Five Tons of “Safe Carrier”. This latest conversion provides more flexibility for policy forces with improved back cell and storage space.

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