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Bitcoin traded at $ 66,974.77 on Wednesday.

Bitcoin price reaches record, WSJ on Thursday

In fact, if all stock indexes reach their own highs, this is the perfect title for the biggest bull market since 2009. In fact, with the launch of the first connected ETF business, gaming money has reached a new high. Even Tesla says it is profitable now.

In the past, crude oil was an economic and financial tool, and we expected it to reach three digits again. Today it is slightly lower at $ 81.64. But progress must be made. Under $ 78 will not be reversed until weekly closing. Natural gas futures rose to $ 5.17 a day yesterday. Here in San Antonio CPS Energy Lights is actually off in San Antonio and plans to increase its monthly bills by 10% to pay for the high cost of natural gas. Many executives, including the CEO, have been fired or will soon be fired.

Group Biden approval rate is declining rapidly as pump fuel and pump fuel increase. The latest turnout is in the top 30, lower than the previous three presidents this year. The solution is to ask OPEC to increase production to reduce the price of surprisingly refined petrol. Why is OPEC doing this now? OPEC was created to stabilize or increase oil prices. Surprisingly, Group Biden did not reach the domestic energy industry. Since its inception, it has been assisting them with pipelines, regulations and fewer permits. The result is $ 5.00 on gasoline on both beaches and $ 3 + here in Texas. Once such a trend begins, it is difficult to reverse it, especially the negative perception of the president.

Europe is in a hurry to shut down coal-producing plants. A.D. In 2011, Germany shut down its nuclear facilities due to an incident in Japan. But this had to do with the beach plant. Germany is closed. France, on the other hand, gets 70% of its energy from nuclear power. Note that France is the world’s largest exporter of electricity because of its low cost. Bernie and the APC would certainly like this French custom.

Vladimir Putin should be happy. The Russian economy is half dependent on oil. And now it is asking for more deals from Europe to deliver more natural gas this summer. Europe went into the sun and into the wind without setting up a coal system, and now it has assigned Vlad to keep the lights on.

I estimate that the stock indexes are the highest of the year. Compared to last February, we have a very low share of current stock. Caution is required.

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