Eight power plants combining innovative architecture and energy solutions

Following the news that AL_A will shut down the world’s first integrated integration plant and the BIG Copenhagen Snowboard permanently, Dozen has assembled eight significant power plants.

Fusion Display Factory, UK, at AL_A

The world’s first prototype power plant is being used to ensure that nuclear fusion technology is a carbon-free energy source.

The factory was designed by Amanda Levete AL_A and is planned for construction in Oxford. Visual paintings depict the tubular building, which mainly covers the revolver surrounded by visual galleries.

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CopenHill has an ice rink on the roof

Copenhagen Hill, Denmark, in Big

Designed by the architectural practice BIG, Copenhagen is a waste-to-energy plant in Copenhagen.

The plant is 10 storeys high and has an administrative space and a large learning center. It is covered with aluminum foil that encloses the naturally shining panels.

The Danish Press estimates that the skate will be permanently closed due to damage to the skate, but rumors have been circulating in the country about the operator.

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The plant has a grassy base

Bay-Tessid, UK, at Heatherwick Studios

Bay-Teseid plans to build a powerhouse on the River Tays Bank to supply power to 50,000 homes at London’s Design Studio Heatherwick Studio.

The adhesive form, which was intended to be worn on indigenous grass panels, was intended to mark the banks.

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The plant is round in shape

Hen Nzen East Garbage to Energy Factory, China, by Shimit Hamer Lassen Architects and Gotlib Paludan Architects

Danish architects Schmidt Hammer Lassen and architects Gottlieb Paluden have designed the world’s largest waste-to-energy plant in China.

The circular building was designed to cover 66,000 square feet[66,000 sq m].

To make the facility as compact as possible, the circular structure provides the entire power plant and auxiliary buildings. The entrance to the building is marked by a winding staircase and two chimneys.

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The plant is seen in frost conditions

Hydroelectric Plant, Canada, by Atelier Pierre Tibalot

Canadian architecture studio Atelier Pierre Tibaut wrapped the hydroelectric plant in Quebec with vertical planks.

Wooden panels enclose the public corridor surrounding the factory’s outer walls and protect it from the sun and snow.

The studio designed the sloping walls to allow the structure to blend into the natural environment, hoping that plants would grow between the wooden panels.

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The power plant is covered with a green zinc grid

At the brewery Yard, Australia, in Tanzania

Covered with zinc roofs, three towers on the roof of a former brewery are used to provide energy for home and market complexity.

Stimulus towers, known for their ability to heat and cool water, were wrapped in zinc mesh sheets designed to create winding, green-hu skin on the power plant.

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The power plant has the appearance of cement

Energy Bunker, Germany, at IBA Hamburg

Urban Development Company Iba Hamburg has converted this World War II concrete bench into a renewable energy station and a hub for it.

The old garage, which had been empty since the end of the war, was sprayed with concrete to protect and stabilize the broken facade.

Bomb-damaged floors have been removed and replaced. Iba Hamburg also added a two-million-liter water tank to the center.

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The power plant is visible near the water

BIO4 Class, Copenhagen, Gotlib Palud Architects

Danish architect Gottlieb Paludun architects have designed a wood-paneled structure with integrated heat and power generation with a golden roof.

The trunks covered the exterior of the building and surrounded the stairs leading to the viewing area. When each tree trunk is 30-plus years old, the trunks can easily be replaced when the trunks get old and fall into wood chips.

The building was covered with gold foil to make it look brighter than the trunk.

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