EGEB – America’s first coastal wind farm is currently offline. Why is it here

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  • Arist Block Island says it is offline for summer maintenance, and rumors are circulating.
  • Tampa It promises to provide 100% clean energy by 2035, but there is a problem.
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Block Island from the Beach Wind Farm

A.D. Block Block Island, America’s first beach wind farm, which was launched in 2016, has been temporarily closed. EkoRI Provides background for wind farms:

Block Island Wind Farm Five 840-foot-tall wind turbines include the first operational offshore wind farm in the United States. The turbines were powered by General Electric sub-GE renewable power and the wind farm was still owned by Deepware Wind. A.D. In 2018, Dipta Wind was acquired by Danish national utility company tedrsted, and Block Island Wind Farm took over the world’s largest coastal windmill.

There is no power outage in Lock Island, which is currently being sourced from the main land grid, south of Rhode Island.

A spokesman told WPRI 12 News yesterday why:

As a precautionary measure, we paused four turbines for a full risk assessment, which showed that the turbines were structurally sound. We look forward to completing those repairs and all the repairs as planned in the next few weeks.

But a columnist named David Collins published an article in the August 7 issue of The Watchtower in New London, Connecticut. day. Collins ያስ thinks he is an electorate, and feels that there is a more serious reason.

Collins writes:

Getting to answer media questions is a real challenge. All telephone numbers on the page for communications are in Europe, Denmark.

For the media, the staff thinks the company can easily get at least American phone numbers.

ስሜት My feeling is that there are more problems with turbines running in Denmark than anyone wants to know. But we can learn more about how long it will take to close in the summer.

The coastal wind farm has indeed had problems in the past. For example, In 2019, the beach was exposed to unsafe Crescent Beach, which did not renovate residents and visitors, although the national grid said it was safe for boats and swimming.

But I was a little skeptical about Collins’ “something went wrong” story Tedrsted American media met months ago and exchanged emails with them. I called him this morning.

Update, 11:15 am ET: The ARSED Communications Officer emailed me and confirmed the WPRI statement, adding:

Part of the work being done is to repair the stress lines identified in the gears in the turbines.

Tampa – 100% pure energy by 2035

as such Electro Florida utility Tampa Electric Company announced yesterday that it will retire in two coal units and double its solar output, but most of the power has not indicated what its long-term plans for natural gas will be. Run.

This alone is a major setback for Tampa City Council on August 5 to clean up the city’s permanent municipal work by 2035. He resisted that deadline.

The resolution urges state and federal governments to adopt clean policies.

Council members supported the resolution 6-1, with opposition voter Charlie Miranda saying:

Let us not say, ‘I want it done.’ Show the world how you do it.

That is the correct point from Miranda, but it is not. Tampa Bay Times Notes

Councilor John Dynfelder pushed back [on Miranda], Calling the measure “necessary action.”

“It conveys a very important message to the community and to the city,” he said.

Also, WJCT writes:

The office of Tampa Mayor Jane Castor has decided to move the city to a 100% clean, renewable energy future during its previous campaign.

Some parts of Castor’s plan echoed in Citro quality, such as the transition to a safe pedestrian city, the transition to hybrid and electric vehicles, and the evaluation of the efficiency of Tampa’s permanent buildings.

There is another big hurdle when it comes to clean energy.

In June, Governor Ron Desantis (RFF) signed a law barring local governments from deciding which route to take. In other words, Florida’s cities and towns can’t block fossil fuels, so they can’t convert them to 100% pure energy.

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