EGB – Coal Territory West Virginia Can Be a ‘Poster Boy’ for Pure Energy?

In today’s Electric Green Energy Brief (EGEB)

  • There are currently more than $ 127 million in clean energy projects in Western Virginia.
  • Dominion Energy proposes the largest solar and solar expansion in Virginia’s history.
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The future of West Virginia’s clean energy

Jennifer Granholm, US Secretary of State for Energy, spoke at the Apal Papalchian Regional Commission and at an imaginary event organized by coal and energy plant communities and economic recovery. as such WVNews Explains

Coal and energy plant communities and economic mobilization task force was established by Executive Order 14008, sec. Transformation into a clean-energy economy January 218 to ensure that good wages create jobs, promote economic stimulus, address environmental degradation and support coal, oil and gas and energy communities across the country.

Granholm, who could be West Virginia’s “poster boy,” is also in the process of transitioning to pure energy.

They can be a hub for deploying new technologies. For example, by dismantling your fossil fuels and showing and deploying clean energy technologies that will make Westerners work better and put young people in the state.

I was the governor of Michigan when the car industry was on the verge of bankruptcy. We built 1.0, but we decided to accept the electric car, 2.0, and the intestine, the battery.

In total, we have over $ 127 million in active projects in West Virginia. We are betting on this because we know it is a good investment and we want to see the people of Western Virginia pay for future energy.

About 80% of the state’s energy expenditures will generate about $ 21 billion in new investment, $ 172 million annually in Western Virginia, and tens of thousands of new jobs.

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Virginia solar and reservoir increase

Dominion Energy presented 15 solar and solar projects to the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) over the weekend as part of efforts to achieve the goals of Virginia’s clean economy law. These projects can provide more than 1 GW of renewable energy, enough to power more than 250,000 homes.

The proposed projects include 11 large-scale solar projects, two split solar projects, a combined solar and storage project and one energy storage project. The plan also includes 32 solar and storage projects run by third-party suppliers.

Location Virginia, Partner of the United States of America, It was part of an effort to pass the Virginia Free Economy Act by 2020.

Eli Bohemer, director of local Virginia, said.

Domion Energy’s proposal for 15 solar and solar projects in the state is a wonderful example of how to set goals for clean energy. After the Virginia legislature passed the Free Economy Act, the sun in the Commonwealth rose. Legislators have opened the door to renewable energy in Virginia, explaining that Virginia’s future lies in clean energy. Dominion’s proposed solar projects will help Virginia get rid of fossil fuels and get more energy from renewable sources such as the sun.

Virginia has enough technical solar energy to meet all of the state’s 2020 electricity needs. Both utility and roof solar projects will help Virginia use the sunlight that shines on us every day without pollution and incredibly abundant energy.

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