EDITOR – Biden kills Keynton, begs for OPEC oil

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Afghanistan’s sudden fall to the Taliban was recently forgotten by President Joe Biden’s request to the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and Russia to increase oil exports.

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This is a bidding to raise the price of American gasoline.

It may be Biden who on the first day canceled the Canadian-American Kiston XL pipeline following the anti-oil agenda of US oil producers and investors.

It is not hard to see why.

Beden’s strategy was initially to stop the flow of oil from a reliable supplier from Canada.

Second, pursue policies that undermine the U.S. oil sector by supporting existing and solar energy as “green” sources of energy.

Third, fill the gap by begging for more foreign oil, in addition to the OPEC, which is not really happy with the United States around the world.

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Biden appealed to OPEC and Russia for additional oil production by national security adviser Jack Sullivan.

Sullivan’s statement called for “safe and stable global energy markets”: “High oil prices, if left unchecked, could jeopardize further global recovery.”

“President Biden has made it clear that he wants Americans to have a fair and reliable power, including in the Pump Pump,” Sullivan said in a statement.

Although we are not a member of OPEC… We are engaging with relevant OPEC + members on the importance of competitive markets by setting prices. Competitive energy markets ensure reliable and stable power supplies, and OPEC + needs to do more to support recovery.

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Not surprisingly, OPEC and Russia rejected Biden’s appeal, saying it was unnecessary and would hurt their economies.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenny tweeted:

Of course, and that means Binden is just one more politician who doesn’t understand that you can’t avoid oil cravings by swinging a magic wand.

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