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If you are a golfer, would you like to know what it would be like to play at the August National Golf Club, home of a master’s competition?

What about the oldest golf course in the world and the oldest course at Open 2022 or at Pebble Beach?

Golf players have the opportunity to play in one of these courses without having to leave the country. You can do it at Eaglecrest Golf Club.

By mid-October, Eaglecrest Golf Club will have two golf courses featuring 60 of the best golf courses in the world.

Eaglecrest Golf Club manager Steve Phillips said he was pleased to find the simulator, which offers exciting challenges and helps improve your game.

“This is a big plus for the club,” says Phillips.

The simulators have the ability to record your golf swing, directions and the power you put in each shot. The data shows where your ball landed, the angle of your shot and your accuracy.

One of the members of the club who tried the simulator was Qualicum Beach. Teunis Westbroek.

Westbrook said: “I played 16th hole in Augusta and after six attempts in the pool I finally hit as many as seven irons and climbed over the green near a flag.” “It’s like living there. You can choose from over 60 world courses.

Phillips says that friends can compete in any course.

The cost to use the simulator is $ 40 for the first hour and that includes up to four people. $ 75 for two hours and $ 30 for each additional hour. Active members of Eaglecrest Golf Club receive a 20 percent discount for the first two hours.

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