During a virtual city hall, officials respond in a flat rock gas leak

Flat Rock, Mic (WXYZ) – People in and around Ford Rock are scrambling to find and respond to a deadly gas explosion at a Ford factory.

Many questions have been raised about human health and well-being. As of August 30, more than 1,100 had been released.

Organized in Wayne County, Virtual City Hall was an opportunity for people to ask questions of Ford, EGLE, EPA, And others and finally to get more answers.

Gas leaks have now stopped, and experts from the state, federal and Ford Motor Company have asked what is believed to be a gas leak.

People in the Hickory Ridge subdivision are among those asking Flat Rock Mayor Mark Hammond about the events that began with the smell of gas.

Investigators showed some early findings by showing maps of several zones and sewers that provide hazardous gas to travel from the Ford Factory.

They are also testing drinking water and air samples.

The point is, it determines when people will return home, but the state does not yet have a date.

We learned from this source that Wednesday was in an access hole that was cracked in a pipe.

Ford has not yet determined how many tank lines have been leaked or released, but it is estimated at 1,400 gallons.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

APA The mobile laboratory is now being used to test gas-related steam filters, and plans are underway to allow people to return home safely.

The nearby River Heights Academy School is still being tested with other sites.

Some critics have suggested that the decision to hold such a meeting was to reach as many people as possible.


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