Duke Energy Teams with ITS to provide custom virtual reality training programs for power company employees nationwide

  • Courses can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each resource.

  • Training modules for natural gas, electricity, and other energy companies.

Charlotte, NC-Duke Energy (NYSE: DUK) has announced that it is providing virtual training services to energy companies and contractors nationwide, dubbed “Virtual Workers.”

As a virtual worker, Duke Energy can customize simulated field training and qualifications for each company to meet specific needs, as well as provide existing virtual training modules. Industrial Training Services (ITS) collaborates with Duke Energy to integrate interested customers into the service and provide compliance monitoring solutions.

“The benefits of VR training are obvious. “With our experience in this area, Duke Energy is now uniquely positioned to provide knowledgeable, custom VR programs designed to meet the needs of large and small energy companies,” said Duke Energy’s Chief Operating Officer. With its history of providing innovative services to the energy industry, ITS is the perfect choice for us to expand this training to power companies nationwide.

In addition, VR training completed in the Virtual Thread, like any traditional writing test, performance appraisal or training record, is partnered with ITS Learning Management System, OnBoard® LMS.

“Virtual Employee is a natural extension of ITS creative history using technology to simplify and improve employee training,” said ITS President and COO Stephanie Balmer. “ITS is excited to work with Duke Energy to add virtual reality to our industry leader training and curriculum, and we look forward to future product improvements to meet the energy industry needs.

Existing VR modules include natural gas leak detection surveys, line filtration, plastic pipe mixing and electrical distribution testing. Programs can also be created for non-response situations such as active shooter.

A.D. Duke Energy has continued to develop participatory, immersive, virtual reality training since the introduction of the Virtual Cruise Program in our Natural Gas Business Unit in 2020. Based on that success, we expanded the program and included training for the company’s electricians.

Duke Energy’s Natural Gas Business Department, through VR, estimates savings of approximately three hours during a technician’s training, and predicts more than $ 500,000 in annual operating costs, including travel and teaching expenses.

Technically trained technicians are able to work three times faster than class-trained technicians.

Other benefits of VR training include:

  • Immersive and interactive experience; The user can interact with the virtual environment in simulated simulations.
  • Chance of sensory response; Drowning stimulates the user’s senses in addition to many other senses, giving a sense of truth.
  • Real-time feedback; Users can safely experience the real-time consequences of their choices.
  • Increase attention: VR specifically focuses the user’s attention on the training experience.

To learn more about the VR technology behind virtual reality, visit the Duke Energy Lighting Station. Interested companies in the Virtual Team can email VirtualCrew@duke-energy.com for more information.

Duke Energy

Duke Energy (NYSE: DUK), headquartered in Charlotte, NC, is one of the largest energy companies in the United States. The power plant serves 7.9 million customers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky, and has a combined 51,000 megawatts of power. The Natural Gas Division serves 1.6 million customers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio and Kentucky. The company employs 27,500 people.

Duke Energy is implementing a powerful clean energy strategy to create a smarter energy future for its customers and the community: at least 50 percent carbon reduction and by 2050 net zero carbon emissions. The company is America’s largest renewable energy company. A.D. On the road to activate or purchase 16,000 megawatts of renewable energy by 2025. The company is expanding major grid upgrades and battery storage, as well as exploring zero-generating power technologies such as hydrogen and advanced nuclear technology.

Duke Energy has been named in Forbes 2021’s “World’s Most Amazing Companies” list and Forbes’ list of America’s Best Employers. More information is available at duke-energy.com. The Duke Energy News Center contains news outlets, fact sheets, photos and videos. Duke Energy’s light shows stories about people, innovations, community topics and environmental issues. Follow Duke Energy Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.


Industrial Training Services, Women’s Small Business Headquarters in Morere, K. , Has provided innovative training products and best-of-breed support to the energy industry for over 30 years. ITS is committed to facilitating complex operations and maintaining sustainable customer relationships by providing mining, industry-proven compliance tools, training and products to meet safety, regulatory and competency requirements.

ITS has become the first to market a variety of digital products to support the pipeline industry, to replace difficult, outdated paper processes, and to provide peace of mind to business leaders with well-trained and secure records. ITS has also been approved by the International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET) as a provider of compliance with the ANSI / IACET standards and the provision of IACET CEU.

ITS customers are located in all 50 states and are among the nation’s largest power supply providers. For more information or to contact an ITS team member, visit his- training.com. Follow ITS on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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