Duke Energy provides $ 40,000 in human resource support to volunteer excel centers

INDIANAPOLIS – Central and Southern Indiana Volunteers recently announced a $ 40,000 grant from the Duke Energy Foundation to support manpower outreach at nine Excel centers across Central and Southern Indiana. Excel Center Core 40 is a free high school for adults who want to earn a diploma, along with industry-recognized work certificates and college credits.

Kent A. Kramer, president and CEO of Central Govt, said: & South Indiana. These donations from Duke Energy will help our students overcome this crisis by providing well-paid jobs in high-demand jobs.

This grant supports the Excel Center College and Vocational Readiness Program, which offers two loan courses, certificates, and barriers to more than 4,200 students each year. Getting new skills in preparation for a new job has made the COVID-19 epidemic even more urgent.

“I regularly hear from Indiana businesses that well-trained workers are one of their greatest needs,” said Stan Pingar, president of Duke Energy Indiana. “Most jobs do not require a college degree, but they do require skilled workers. This financial support supports that need. Skilled manpower is key to attracting and sustaining business in Indiana, and Duke Energy is a major focus.

Katie Riglesperger started her first year at Zero High School Credits at the age of 13 in October 2013 at Excel. A.D. She graduated in June 2014 with 42 credits and a certificate from a pharmacy technician. She began her career at Riverview Hospital and quickly moved to a management position that allowed her to supervise and train other pharmaceutical technicians. She is currently teaching a Certificate of Medicine Certification Program at Excel Center.

“Helping others learn, grow, and achieve their goals is an incredibly rewarding experience,” says Katie. “I am proud to be a part of the next generation and I am afraid of the men and women I met on this occasion.

With Duke’s support, students like Kathy will continue to receive the skills and training they need to meet the needs of our community’s workforce over the years.


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